When and Where are you Traveling?

Once you finalize all your travel plans type up a complete travel itinerary and email or print to pass along to at least one other person besides those in your travel party. When are you leaving, where are you staying, phone numbers for contact at the hotel as well as your cell phone numbers. If you're flying include flight times along with the name of the airlines and your ETA. It's always a good idea for someone else to know your whereabouts. People have gotten lax and and or lazy and don't do this as much as they used to. They think as long as they have a cell phone, they're ok and anyone could reach them. However, what if your lose your cell phone, or it get's stolen, or the battery runs out, or you find you're not getting good cell coverage and there's an emergency? People need a way to contact you, and you need a way to contact them. Be smart include name, dates, addresses, and phone numbers.

Think of the sad situations we all hear about on the news where someone doesn't make it to their destination. People try, but can't reach them by cell phone. Police can't look for them if someone doesn't know where they were suppose to be, or when.

Maybe you keep everything in your laptop; but someone takes it and then you've got no way to check confirmation numbers. Maybe you keep notes in your purse or wallet and that gets stolen or lost or forgotten. Be prepared, have a back up. If you pass along your complete itinerary to someone else you're covered.

Are you renting a car, include the name of the company. This too can help in the case of an emergency, an accident etc. If you're driving your own car, include the color, make, and license plate number on your complete itinerary.

Not saying something will happen, or that you need to be paranoid; but a little caution is in order when you travel. Things do happen, usually when we're least prepared. Take an extra 5 minutes and pass along your complete travel itinerary. Something so simple can be a life safer later.

My brother was out of town on business when our mother had emergency surgery. We didn't know if she'd make it through the night and contacting him wasn't easy. When you travel, be safe, be prepared. You'll have fewer people worried about you, and you'll have a better stress free time.

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  1. Thanks for these tips Sandy. I depend so much on my cellphone that I don't even bother memorizing telephone numbers anymore. If it's lost (or maybe just went dead batt), I'll be lost as well. LOL!

  2. Awesome post !!!!Contains informative stuff about the traveling tips.Thanks for the suggestions and me during my next travel.

  3. Very good points. People depend so much on being contactable with modern telecommunications, they forget they aren't infallible and things can happen beyond their control.

  4. A travel itinerary is very important when traveling. Your travel will be more organized and I assure you that you will save much time and effort especially if you follow everything in the schedule.

  5. Great article Sandy... I like your great content a lot. The only thing that bothers me are all those widgets at the right side. I think that cutting down a few will only add to your blog readability and better looks. (That are just my thoughts)

  6. I am traveling a lot and usually I am traveling by car or bike. Even if I get outside my country I prefer to rent a car there and travel around the place on my own.

    I don't like traditional tourist place because everyone have seen them so I chose my own route.


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