Schiller Park Part II (German Village)

Wm. Tell quoteIn Part I of Schiller Park we learned this park is old, has a very long and rich history, was involved in books being burned, involved politically long before being politically correct came into the picture. This park is much more then grass and trees. You expect grass and trees at any and all parks, but this one has much more to offer and learn and enjoy. You can read Part I HERE
Schiller Park named for Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller, a man of enlightenment can to this day enlighten all who visit and take time. As you stroll about the park, walk or run about the park, chase children and dogs about the park..........take time. On the paths that surround beautiful flower beds are poetic phrases and quotes to ponder.

When most people think of William Tell, they probably think about Robin Hood and arrows and apples on peoples heads. However here in stone are some of his words to ponder, to contemplate and to share.
William Tell QuoteThere are many quotes in the park. I photographed a few of my favorites. The date on these 2 quotes of William Tell, 1804 I found interesting. You see Ohio became a state in 1803. So, one year later these important words were written. These words are still quite meaningful today, some 207 years after they were spoken.
Mary Stuart quoteNow this quote, "In The Sanctuary of Your Heart with God, the words are not as important as faith." This gave me pause. Perhaps this woman who was executed by her cousin Queen Elizabeth kept her sanity during her imprisonment by having her inner thoughts and faith. Queen of Scots, wrongly accused of poisoning her husband, imprisoned and executed...she had a short a tragic life. Schiller wrote a play, a tragedy about her life.
Joan of Arc quoteJoan of Arc, how can one not be inspired when thinking about her and her words? When a young women she lead France forces in The Hundred Years War, was captured and sold to The English and burned at the stake at the young age of 19. Years later, she was found innocent. She believed she was lead by visions from God and followed those visions knowing she was in harms way.

Schiller Park can be a quiet place of contemplation, it can be loud and rowdy with children playing and dogs barking, it can be entertaining when The very popular summer Shakespeare Series starts. How fitting is a free Shakespeare in the park program given the literary comparisons of Schiller to Shakespeare?

Take a picnic with you, your blanket or lounge chair to enjoy Summer Shakespeare in the park. Next Friday, March 11th will be the final post, part III of Schiller Park. See you then.
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  1. Sounds like a lovely park and I'd love reading all those quotes!

  2. Love the quote from Joan of Arc! I needed to read this today :-)


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