Hilton Head, South Carolina

Veterans MemorialHilton Head Island, South Carolina is the destination for many summer vacations for families for fun in the sun and on the beaches. It's also the golf destination for many groups with more golf courses then almost anywhere else to pick from. It has though, so much more to offer. On a cool January day hubby and I did some tromping around the Island. This wonderful Veterans Memorial honors Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and Merchant Marine Veterans of all wars from Hilton Head. The memorial reads, "From a Grateful Nation". You're looking down towards The Memorial here with a natural amphitheater in the foreground. Low lands grasses, and walkways surround The Memorial.
steps leading to MemorialAs you approach either side there are steps honoring the various services.
Veterans Memorial BricksThe walk way and platform of The Memorial are filled with names in honorary bricks, I assumed these bricks have to be purchased from friends and family. I wasn't able to find anything about the bricks, but in my research found The Park had been dedicated on Memorial Day in 2005. Several of these bricks are particularly intriguing to me. Notice upper left Isaac Calderon a WWII Veteran and recipient of The Purple Heart. Beneath and to the right are JC and TL Hudson. I assume JC and TL to be brothers with the same last name, being listed side by side, and noticing the numbering beneath the bricks of 675 and 676...sequential numbering. I believe the sequential numbering is an indicator of the order the bricks were purchased. I'd like to learn more about these brave men. The two brothers, and The Purple Heart Recipient.
park benchThe Park is quite beautiful and while it wasn't hot and sunny during our visit, it was quite moving; perhaps even more fitting that the sky looked so ominous making the area very serene. Though due to the beauty of the park, it's benches and walkways; would think it an awesome place to come in warm weather and spend some time.

Merchant Marine SealAm posting close up pictures for you of each of the services. Here The Merchant Marine, perhaps the branch one hears the least about?

Coast Guard SealThe Coast Guard
Navy sealThe Navy, it's seal probably very familiar to most.
Marine Corps SealMarine Corps.
Army SealArmy
Air Force SealAnd Air Force

This memorial is located in Beaufort County on Shelter Cove Lane near Mall Blvd. Please take time away from the beach, the sun, the golf, and shopping for souvenirs and visit this awesome memorial. It's the least we all can to remember those who've done so much for us.

The only thing I've been able to learn about the brothers is that they were Radiomen, 3rd class aboard The Escape and The Durable Escape. A friend found this picture of The Durable

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