Schiller Park Part III(German Village)

umbrella girl and Flat StanleyHere's Flat Stanley again enjoy all that German Village's Schiller Park has to offer. Look at this wonderful water fall and Umbrella Girl Statue. Who doesn't enjoy a nice water fall and art in combination? Once again I'll say Schiller Park is far more then grass and trees. There's history, art, entertainment and recreation. Lots of information about history and entertainment in Schiller Park Park I HERE, and yet more HERE in Schiller Park Part II.

close up umbrella girl statueFlat Stanley wanted you to see a close up of this wonderful statue.

Flat Stanley in the flower bedFlat Stanley loves flowers, here he is in the middle of one of the many beautiful gardens here at Schiller Park. The flower beds change throughout the year and so can be enjoyed month after month. Many flowers have markers where you can learn the names of the flowers which I really enjoy. You can see the red brick walk ways surrounding the flower beds. So inviting.
walkwaysMaybe you want to sit in one of many park benches and just take it all in. Grab a book and sit and read. It's really an enjoyable place to spend some time.
flower bedsA close up of some very pretty flowers that seem to attract lots of birds, bees, and butterflies.
butterflyA beautiful butterfly enjoying the nectar of the flowers. We don't see many of these beauties anymore; but when I do see them it makes me smile.

There's a pond for those that might want to fish here in the park. The rec. center holds classes for adults and children alike all year long.

German Village has a traditional Haus and Garten Tour on Sunday, June 28th from 9 am to 6 pm. This years tour marks the 50th anniversary of this enjoyable and well attended event. You could enjoy sitting in the park to rest during your tour. Mark your calendars now.

See you next Friday, March 25th for another adventure with Flat Stanley

**Things to do when you visit a park to make it special and educational for the kids
Learn about a flower that's growing
Draw a picture of the park
Draw a picture of flowers
What animals are in the park, draw them
Is there a plaque? Learn about the Park. How did it get it's name?

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  1. Good 'ole FS! He sure likes to make the rounds. Beautiful park. German Village is so much fun!!

  2. Good 'ole FS is right, he does get around and has much to share

  3. Sometimes I wish I was FS. He is visiting a lot more interesting places than me. Tks for the post and tks for visiting my blog again. Besides the Cameo for stainless steel, you can spray WD40 on your sinks to bring back some of the luster. It worked on our 25+ yr old sinks.

  4. Thanks for the tip Eddie, I didn't know that about WD40. You full of helpful advice.

  5. Love all your pics, as always! Wonderful and refreshing!! Thanks for stopping by! Has ~ Yes, if I was in that professor's class, even my bifocals wouldn't work ~ Ha!! :))


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