Who's Slacks are these? Drycleaning and Packing

The Traveling Suitcase just got back from an interesting and fun trip to Hilton Head. Let me share this story and subsequent packing tip as a result.

We had reservations at a nice restaurant and so I was changing to prepare to go "out" for dinner. Had a lovely hand made jacket purchased at a art fare, dressy slacks, jewelry all laid out and ready. As I slipped the slacks on I was puzzled. They were hiphuggers. I NEVER wear hip huggers, hate them...even know their stylish. I think everyone looks nicer in something that actually comes to your waste; and for me something that actually comes to your waste is far more comfortable too. I looked again at the slacks, groaned, and thought were these slacks hubby had purchased for me somewhere along the line that I had forgotten were hiphuggers? Ok, well...guess I just wear my top out. No one will see they don't look as nice, I guess; I'll just be uncomfortable. ...sigh... WAIT, that's not possible! These slacks aren't mine. Zipped they don't fit, in fact as I then look at the label (not a brand I buy), they are several sizes too big! They still have the dry cleaner tag on them. I remember now taking them off the hanger, out of the nice plastic dry-cleaner bag before packing. Great, I have a nice pair of slacks I can't wear with me.

Luckily, I had a nice pair of dressy blue jeans and that's what I wore. Though it really irritated me. I don't like wearing jeans to go out. I know it's stylish and many consider it cool, dark jeans dressy etc. I really don't and it makes me feel like I'm not dressed appropriately. I've been told these jeans are nice and dressy and I'm trying to adopt that, just not quite there yet. lol

Moral of the story, and thus a new packing tip If you take something out of a dry cleaning bag to pack check it out FIRST!!

It's been quite awhile since I've picked up anything from the cleaners so no clue how long ago it was, or even which of the several cleaners it was. Question still remains, does someone have my slacks, or are the ones I thought I packed still at home?

Several days later, hubby and I made a shopping venture so I could purchase another pair of black slacks for our last night of vacation. We always make that our "special" night out and jeans were most definitely not appropriate for this restaurant.

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  1. Oh my gosh! Who would think to check. I mean it would be obvious if it were the wrong color. Good thing you had something to wear.

  2. I learned a lesson from your cute story. :)

    Good tip!

  3. Right you are Karen, when they're the right color you really think nothing of it.

    Thanks for the visit June, appreciate it.

  4. I learned my lesson long ago to check everything while I am still at the cleaners. That way they can't say that it is not their fault for whatever happened. Doing this saves a lot of grief later.

    Love and Blessings,


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