Monday, February 14, 2011

Signer of The Declaration

historical marker for Thomas Heyward, Jr.Coming into Hilton Head on Day 1 of a recent trip, we spotted this sign on the right side of route 278. We spotted the sign as we pasted and so turned around at the next wide spot to see what it was. I don't recall seeing this on our first trip to Hilton Head, last year. However, if you're clipping along it's easy to zip right past. We hadn't yet even checked into our condo so stopped only briefly to get a photo and read the sign. Signer of The Declaration, that's impressive.

country laneAt the time this tree covered little land with a gate appeared to be private property, and was right next to a small house or house trailer as I recall. We didn't follow the inviting country lane. Though we should have. Apparently the remains of White Hall Plantation and a family cemetery where Thomas Heyward, Jr. is buried is here. This is on the list of things to explore further on our next trip. Yes...we already have a 3rd trip planned to Hilton Head. There is so much to see and do two trips weren't enough.

Signer of The Declaration, POW, slave owner, Captain of a militia. There is much to read about this man. Here's a nice biography and photo/etching of him. CLICK HERE.
And more information along with his burial site is HERE

I didn't follow my own advice here, to check things out and not be in a hurry; but we were in a hurry to get to the condo, check in and unpack; as we had dinner reservations and time wasn't on our side. And normally I would have taken time to look this up while there on the island. Somehow I forgot. Moral, slow down and don't try to put too much in one day. Getting there, checking in, unpacking, grocery shopping, and dinner reservations........too much.

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  1. Sandy, it has been a long time. Good to know you and hubby are okay and still traveling. We've never made it to Hilton Head, but we should. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I believe it would be a great idea to talk with your husband again about that much needed will. You would be surprised what could happen w/o one. One's worse nightmare for sure! Have a blessed week!

  2. Haven't been back to Hilton Head for several yrs but now I'm ready to again soon!! This sounded like a great find and wonderful trip! Thanks for stopping by ! :))

  3. Hi traveling suitcase. I see your still busy..
    I came to wish you a Happy Valentines Day. Thank you for the comment on my bloggie


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