St. Helena's Episcopal Church, Beaufort South Carolina

As you approach 505 Church Street in the historic area of Beaufort South Carolina you'll see this very old red brick wall surrounding a historic church and graveyard.  The streets as you see are lined with beautiful old mossy trees that provide much needed shade during the hot summer months.
Walking through the fenced area you'll this very historic cemetery as you make your way into this beautifully restored church.  St. Helena's is the one of the oldest continuously operating churches in the country.
Glance skyward and see the beauty in the church's steeple against the blue sky as it peeks through the tree branches.
Beautiful woodwork throughout the church's interior.  The handcrafted details are truly a piece of art.
The church pews, the floors, the wood pulpit and the alter are all gorgeous.
 The church was established in 1712 as a Colonial Parish, part of the Church of England.  It was built in 1724.  It was added onto multiple times.  It was rebuilt multiple times from destruction.  A hurricane in 1896 caused lots of damaged as did one in more recent times, Hurricane Gracie in 1959.  A terrible hailstorm hit causing damage in 1970.  Parts of the church have been rebuilt using original bricks and some areas have been placed on the original foundations.

As this sign indicates, the church was used by The British to stable horses during The American Revolution, and again as a hospital during The Civil War where the flat tombstones were used as operating tables.

One of the churches most notable members was Thomas Heyward, a signer of The Declaration of Independence.

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  1. OH! Wow! That is a beautiful church.

  2. The church was truly beautiful and very interesting Karen. Far prettier than my pictures show.

  3. That church is beautiful and with such history. I love that it was used to stable horses AND as a hospital. Amazing pictures once again my friend.


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