Historic Episcopal Church Graveyard, Beaufort South Carolina

Though one often sees flags honoring those that came before us when walking through a cemetery, it's not all that often you see a non United States Flag.  Here you see 2 Union Jacks, the flag of England.  Buried here are 2 British Soldiers whom we fought against.   They both fought and died in The Battle of Port Royal Island, near Grays Hill on Feb 3, 1779 and were buried here 3 days later on Feb 5th.  The South Carolina Militia wanted to show the world, that even though they fought against someone, they were honoring those who had fallen by giving them a Christian burial.

 This historic church cemetery has veterans of The Revolutionary War, as above and Veterans who served their side in The Civil War.  Here lies Alston W. Brightman of The Confederacy.

Here lies little 4 year old Noel Earl, the son of W.D. and M.E. Schwartz.  He was born Dec 8, 1898 and died Jan 25th 1902.  There is such an interesting mix of burials in this historic cemetery from family people to military, young and old.  You begin to feel the history of the area and it's peoples are you ponder what their lives were like.

Mr. and Mrs. Gordan buried side by side in sectioned area with well cared for stones.  William A was born in 1836 and died in 1886; while his wife Maria Lloyd lived til 1909.  The inscriptions on their stones placed loving by one of their children. 

Here's table style grave, one I assume referred to when we learned gravestones were used as surgical tables during The Civil War.

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  1. Very interesting, Sandy. This post reminded me of a very interesting and unique cemetary here in Vermont that I'll have to post about.


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