Bathroom Break, Beaufort South Carolina

The historic sign outside The Arsenal tells you a brief history of the building.  That is was built in 1798, rebulit in 1852 and played a roll in The Revolution.  Take time and enter the grounds.  Firstly, inside the courtyard are public restrooms.  As you walk around the historic area in Beaufort, you'll no doubt need a potty break.  This is the perfect place for that.  The Arsenal is located at 713 Craven Street between Carterest (US Route 21) and Scott Street.  Inside is a wonderful museum with knowledgeable and friendly docents you tell many interesting things about the area, suggest places to eat, sites to see.

In the center of courtyard is this very old canon with a hard to read plaque which states Dr. Henry Woodward lived from 1646-1686.  It goes onto say he came with Robert Sandford's Expedition, stayed, and was captured by The Spanish.  Further research tells us a bit more.  He was an Englishman, perhaps born in Barbados (though Wikipedia also says information is sketchy).  He was left here as an exchange for an Indian named "Shadoo".  Perhaps the Indian was a guide for further expeditions?  He learned they language and trade including deerskins and slaves.  He was captured by The Spanish and taken to St. Augustine where he remained for a couple of years.  He proclaimed to be be Catholic and was given the title of surgeon.  When the English raided St. Augustine he escaped and served as a surgeon on board ship until he ultimately returned to Beaufort. 
 The guns in the courtyard at The Arsenal were captured from The British in 1779, and by The Union in 1861 when Fort Walker fell.  The guns were returned to Beaufort in 1880.

It's not clear to me if the gun and plaque mark the burial site of Dr. Henry Woodward or are in fact a memorial to him.

The museum is open Mon-Tues, Thurs, Fri, and Sat from 10 am to 5 pm and closed on Wednesday's and Sundays.  So, plan your walking tour of this interesting and very historic city of Beaufort with a potty stop and more here at The Arsenal.  There's a small gift shop inside as well should you want to purchase mementos of your trip.

**Questions?  When using the newer editor here on blogger, there doesn't seem to be a way (or perhaps not a need) to alt text one's photos?  Notice 2 types of font here?  Couldn't seem to type beside the first picture, no clue why?  But, had the option to add a caption under the picture, which is different font.  Is the new editor working well or not for others?**

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