Long ago, skiing when I was young enough it hurt less when you feel. Hubby, me and DD. DD is now 27...does that tell you how long ago this picture was taken? Anyway, we're in Utah I believe, or maybe Colorado. Not sure which trip this was. Outdoors. Outdoor activities are good for the family. Now I currently don't want to think about snow, not after this long will it ever go away winter; but summer will be here and the kids will be out of school. People need to think about getting outdoors. Do family outdoor activities. Everyone doesn't need to be in their respective place with their laptop and or game boys. Go "Outside".
Another great outdoor activity. Hiking. Get out and see nature. This beautiful water fall was in Colorado, but there are hiking trails, state parks, metro parks everywhere. Find one and go explore. You might have a water fall too.
Another year, after a hike up to the top of a peak in The Great Smoky Mountains. Was beautiful up there. We rest a bit before hightailing it down the mountain, as it quickly got cold and stormy. Who wants to be up high with lightening and wind...not me. Quick stepping down the mountain with our poncho's on being careful not to slip. Rocks get slippery when wet.
A favorite place, Meeker Park in Colorado, in The Rockies. DD, hubby, and Me. This was our home away for home for 3 weeks. We used to take nice long vacations and camp our way all around. Our tent was small, a dome style with a vestibule; but we always stayed dry. Some of the larger lodge style tents just don't do as well.
Hubby and I backpacking here, I think this was also somewhere in Colorado, because DD I belief was taking the photo.
Now this one really goes back. We were camping at the race track in Mosport, Canada here. We were newly weds so believe this was the fall of 1972. Picture over time has faded, and it's one of those mat finishes which looks grannie but was the favorite style of processing back then. We had a very small pup tent, you had to lay down to pull your pants on. I'm changing socks and we're warming up before breakfast by the fire. We were there for The Grand Prix. Facilities were really lacking, but we had lots of fun there and went year after year for a long time.

Reviewing this pictures, hubby has no beard, has a beard, has lots of hair, has very little hair and it's getting gray, my hair style changed too throughout the years. And...um our weight...these pictures cover a wide span of years folks.

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  1. Wow, I bet those were some great memories. Love the pictures. Hope you have a super Sunday.

  2. They are Marg. thanks for the visit. You have a good Sunday too.

  3. We love to be outdoors, although in my earlier years I lost out on a lot of opportunities to go walking and camping because I married someone who was content to sit indoors and read a book. It's just not the same walking on your own, although there are times when it's good for clearing the head.

    Now we take long country walks when we can, but are a bit too old to lug tents around and to go camping in the wilderness unfortunately.

  4. We don't lug the tents etc. any more either Tony. lol age has a way of changing some of that. We do still like to be out. We just do it differently.

  5. Good times.
    Those memorys are like a trail left behind, leaving tracks on your heart.. from the many journeys you have been on.

  6. Love how you said that Tweedles, thanks for the visit.

  7. You are such a wonderful couple! Great outdoor activities! :D

  8. Thanks for the visits and comments shengy, Goodiesnbadies.

    What a sweet comment Zach, thanks very much.


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