Urbana, Ohio

Welcome to UrbanaThis is the sign you see welcoming you to Urbana, Ohio. The road ahead is Scioto Street, a main drag. Initially you'll see some businesses, then some fabulous older homes with great front porches, leaded glass windows, welcoming doors. I've often wanted to tour those beautiful old homes. Urbana, as you can see from the sign was founded way back in 1805, just 2 years after Ohio became a state. Urbana is county seat of Champagne County. Urbana was for a period of time the headquarters of The NorthWest Army in 1812. The city was named after a town in Virginia called Urbanna. It's also the burial location for famous Simon Kenton, The Indian Fighter.

Urbana Court HouseI snapped this photo through glass and thus have a bit of a glare. This is an 1874 etching of the Courthouse which shows J.M. Fitzpatric and John H. Runyon as County Auditors, and F.F. Woods and A.T. McBeth as Commissioners at the time. These names are prevalent in early Urbana history.

log cabinMy Uncle, who's long since gone built this log cabin and many others. Until a little over a year ago my Aunt still lived in this log cabin. There are a few of his log cabins still around. Near here is Urbana University which has the distinction of being the 2nd college in Ohio to admit Women into the classes with men. The University was founded by The Swedensorgian Church on land set aside by John James at teh urging of Swedenborgian John Chapman, better known as "Johnny Appleseed".

Urbana is a quaint little town with a rich history. This is my U post for the Z-A challenge.

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  1. Huh, we have an Urbana in Champaign County in Illinois. Love the log cabin!

  2. What a neat log cabin that your uncle built! Urbana sounds like a great town!

  3. That sure looks like a great place to live. A fun little town.

  4. I was going to be obnoxious in the post and say a well known person, ME was born there, lol. I like the feel of it and want to spent some more time exploring. Thanks for the visits folks, appreciate it.

  5. Urbana looks like a quaint little town that would be fun to visit.


  6. It is Joyce, it's best if you don't add your url after your post, often comments are immediately sorted as spam when an url's included. Your name is a link to your blog, so no need.


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