Low Mileage Travels

(pretty pink lillies in my backyard, notice the rain drops on the 2nd photo)

Gas isn't cheap, time can be tight, so can money. That doesn't mean you can't travel. It's summer, pack the kids up and head out for a day. Pack a picnic lunch, play in the park, see a lighthouse, visit a museum (always good to get in our of the rain or hot sun), go swimming on the shore, visit the zoo, visit and learn from one of the many historic areas, take a walk, go for a hike, sit by a water fall. All of that exists locally! Right here in Ohio.

Here are 28 adventures with Flat Stanley, something for everyone. Use his guidelines when you visit similar areas in your area. Kids can learn all summer long....so can you!

Check out adventure in the little town where I was born, Urbana, less than an hour from the center of the state.

Dance, watch a sunset, have a picnic, enjoy life music, visit historic parks or landmarks in the parks in the Capital of Columbus

Visit the state's first Capital, Chillicothe, see Log Cabins, fish, go swimming, smell the flowers, go hike, climb the hills, visit and or lunch in haunted areas.

The skies the limit. Ohio is the Mother of all Presidents, there are monuments.

Click on Ohio in the cloud there are 41 posts to give you lots of ideas of places to go, things to see. Enjoy!

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  1. You can enjoy any place you want and make that day very special! Don't really need to go far to spend a good travel if you are tight on your budget. :)

  2. We do mostly day trips when we take a mini vacation. Gas prices are a big reason for that.


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