Traveling your BackYard

Traveling doesn't have to mean buying a plane ticket or packing the car. Turn on your sound and travel with me around my back yard.

Well, phooey, I can't seem to upload the movie I made for you all. So will post separate pictures. My suggestion is to take the kids around and identify the flowers in your yard. Then go for a walk around the neighborhood and see if they can find the same types of flowers as yours. Let them color a picture, take a photograph, then look up the flower they like best on the computer and learn something about it. That could be a good days activity.

Do math, by counting and adding how many varieties you have, how many of a certain color, add to that what they see when you go for your walk. Do spelling with the names of the flowers (not the scientific names, heck most of us adults can't spell those). Make a word puzzle with the words. Everyday can be an adventure, and a learning opportunity.

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  1. What a Nice Article............

    Traveling is my Hobby....................

    Keep It UP..................

  2. Great suggestions for kids to do this summer vacation. I'll definitely make my kids to do few of your suggestions.

  3. nice pictures and good suggestion.its good to go with kids and enjoy such things.we all should do it for kids atleast

  4. I always make entertainment for my kids a priority when traveling abroad, that and the passports of course.

  5. I would have to find the names of all the weeds in my back yard. Not much of a gardener. Everything dies. I like the idea of the word puzzle. The kids are into bugs right now so that would be fun. We also like to look up info about them on the Internet.

    Sorry the video wouldn't load. That would have been fun.

  6. Anything to keep your children entertained is vital for not only them to enjoy their holiday, but also yourselves.


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