General Eichelberger and I, Famous!

historic sign side 1Rarely do I leave home without my camera, even when I'm not on vacation and doing "real traveling". Why? well, you just never know when something might present itself. I have a small easy, inexpensive for just that reason. I can put it in my purse. Remember you can always enlarge the pictures by clicking on them. While traveling to and from Urbana, Ohio to visit my elderly aunt in an assisted living center, I spotted this historic sign, right across from Mercy Hospital in a beautiful lush green park setting. Come to find out, I'm not the only famous person to have been born in Urbana, Ohio. Imagine that! General Robert Lawrence Eichelberger was born there too, so slightly before my time since he was born in 1886.

His list of accomplishments is huge and quite impressive. He graduated from West Point as a 2nd Lt. in the Infantry, married the daughter of a judge in North Carolina and served. Boy, did he serve our country. He served in Panama, on the Mexican Border, in Siberia as part of the American Expeditionary Forces. He was the Superintendent of West Point when Pearl Harbor was boomed. He trained flying Army Officers. He served in World War II in several locations; but is most remembered for his leadership in The Pacific. General MacArthur is known to have said, "Bob, I want you to take Buna, or not come back alive". He defeated the Japanese there and elsewhere. He became The Commander General of the entire 8th Army and lead the invasion of The Philippines, the occupation of and rebuilding of Japan. He was highly decorated earning The Distinquished Service Medal with 3 Oak Leaf Cluster, and The Navy Distinguished Service Medal among many others.
side 2 historic signHe retired in 1948, a few years before my important birth there in the same city, and is was buried with full military honors in 1961 at Arlington National Cemetery.
Gen EichelbergerKeep your eyes open as you make your daily travels to and fro, you really never know when you'll see and learn something that's not ordinary. A great man, all have stories to tell. Was pleased to learn his story in my travels.

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  1. Great to learn about General Eichelberger.
    We are about to buy a house in old Fort Ord on a street that is named for him.


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