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Summer will soon be here and the kids will be out of school, if they're not already. No doubt you'll be thinking about where to take a family vacation...OR, if you're without children at home where to take a non family oriented vacation.

Here's some ideas for you in Alphabetical Style, there's something here for everyone. (all bolded and or colored type are live links, just click to get where you're going)
Eating and Drinking and Being Happy in Aruba Iguana's in Aruba (the kids will love them)
Claudia's Bar in Aruba (for the adults)
General Information about Aruba

Golf in the desert
Marriott's Canyon Villas, great place to stay for adults and or families
Sedona AriZona (teens and adults, not well suited for young children)
Taliesin West, Frank Lloyd Wright (teens or adults best)
Montezuma's Castle (not for young children with the hiking and climbing)
Grand Canyons (can see lots from the car and on over looks so can be family geared if you stay away from the difficult trails)
Desert Botanical Gardens (ok for all in terms of walking, though the kids maybe bored)
Carefree Arizona (can be family oriented, as the beauty can be seen without doing difficult hiking; though the later certainly exists)
Apache Trail Arizona nice for all

Breckenridge, Colorado
Historic Main Street Area (appropriate for everyone)

Things for the Girls in Breckenridge (teens and adults)
The Softer side of Breckenridge (for all who appreciate the arts)
Going to the Dogs (for the animal lovers)

Baltimore, Maryland
Ryan's Daughter (cool Pub)
Inner Harbor (fun for all)
Westminster Hall Burial Grounds (adults and teens)

Boston, Mass
Bunker Hill (depends on the age of the child, great history)

Beaufort, South Carolina
What a place for a bathroom break! (all ages)
Historic Episcopal Church and Graveyard (teens and adults)
Luthers best place for lunch and or dinner, and entertainment (day ok for families, later on best for older kids,teens and adults

Brisbane Australia

There are 15 posts for California
covering Joshua Tree National Park
Pigeon Point Light House
Santa Barbara
Muir Woods
San Francisco
Palm Springs Area
Seals on the Beach
Mission San Carolos Borromeo-o de Carmel
Peeble Beach
Big Sur
Golden Gate Bridge
General posts about wine country and beaches

Cape Cod, Mass
Cape Cod Lighthouse

Chillicothe, Ohio
Lots of post covering the first capital of the state,
Historic Carlisle Building and Fire,
Knole Log House and Adena,
Masonic Lodge-Haunted Magestic Theatre,
Adena Indian Mound,
Haunted Cross Keys Tavern,
A general overview of Chillicothe.

There's so much more, check the cloud area to see the full listings, I'm sure you'll find something there of interest whether you want a quick day trip or a longer vacation away. Don't find what you think you're interested in, leave me a note and I'll see if I have something on it for you.

AND don't for get the always popular travels of Flat Stanley. Click here for a full listing of his Travels to date. There are 28 adventures, with ideas of things you can do in your day to day with the kids. Learning can and is fun.

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  1. What a great list of ideas! I see lots of places I'd love to visit this summer!

  2. There really are a huge list of ideas and adventures BeadedTail, nice to see you again; it's been awhile.

  3. Nice list! You are indeed a travel expert, Sandy! ;)

  4. Thanks Zach, appreciate your visit and nice comment. Expert? Just have traveled alot so have lots of experiences to share.

  5. These all look like wonderful places to go, but what's a vacation? Oh, yeah. It's that thing our daughter is doing while she spends all our money in Europe.


  6. I just stumbled on your blog and loved seeing Breckenridge on your list. It has been my home for a decade or so and - while most think of it as a winter destination - it sure is a fabulous place to visit in the summertime, especially if you're trying to escape the heat. I'm enjoying the cool Colorado air on my front porch right now!

  7. Oh Susie, we've skied there in younger years; but later we camped and hiked there in the summer. Last year we returned and had a fabulous time. We tried to get a condo there this summer again, but the dates available didn't mesh well with my DD and DH's schedules. So, we're going to Park City. We all were disappointed as we wanted to return to Breckenridge.

  8. Thanks for stopping by! Ha! Yes ~ I'm still here ~ just super busy traveling, company, working and trying to catch up! Love your list here! One of my Favs in the summer is Breckenridge ~ we grew up skiing there - really up until about 6 yrs ago! But summertime in the mountains is really spectacular too!!! Happy Wed!


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