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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Golf in the Desert, Arizona

waterhole at the golf courseDesert, mountains, and a water hole make for a pretty site at the golf course.
golfingHubster golfing in the desert.
sunset at the golf courseSunset on the golf course with the moutains in the background is a common, but beautiful site in Phoenix.

golfball in a cactusOoophs, bet someone had a hard time trying to find their ball after this shot. Sadly, you can see from the holes in the cactus this isn't uncommon. I don't know if this damages the cactus. I did ask when we were there, but didn't really get a good answer.

There are lots of beautiful golf courses in and around Phoenix. I don't play, but hubby sure enjoyed himself.
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  1. You think all those people have poor aim or is that right in line with the hole? I have never understood golf or rather how to score it, really makes no sense to me.

  2. Nice blog..Just came across it through a google search. Interesting information, I would love to come back to this blog again..Since I have an expat blog myself, it would be really nice sharing information and thoughts!!

  3. I don't even play golf but this vacation spot is beautiful. Hey! Maybe I could go just to protect the cactus!

  4. Hyde..I think they were really in line given the number that hit it.

    Poor cactus Jan, I think it does need your protection.

    Orange, thanks for visit, I'll hope over to your blog

  5. Golfing in the desert is surely a unique experience. The photos are great! The last one is quite funny! LOL

  6. Nice pictures! I really like all this very much. Great post, Thanks for sharing.

  7. Wooooow - how exotic to a Norwegian! I love playing golf but never tried in a desert. On the contrary; If I would play now, it would have to be in snow and ice ;-)

    Happy Weekend!

  8. I love the picture of the golf ball in the cactus ,that would be something I would do with my limitations in golf. Great post!

  9. Hello
    Wow I did not know that there are lots of golf courses in and around Phoenix.Those are good photographs..Thank you very much for this nice post.

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  10. I sure relate to the ball in the cactus! The game looks so much easier when you when it on TV


  11. Oh my gosh! Your ball hit the desert tree. Its very difficult to bring it back.

  12. This is a grate game because i an also a golf player.

  13. This is a very sophisticated game,so high profile citizens are involving on it.

  14. Ha! ha! ha! That was really funny. How that golf ball hit that spot on the Cactus plant.

    Although I have never played Golf before I have seen it being played. It is amazing like the photos that you have shown here, how the landscape is contoured and continuously maintained over large tracts of land.

  15. is a new idea for playing the game of golf. Natural destination places makes golf pretty.

  16. Wow.....i love to play the golf but these days what is going to be Tiger Wood.

  17. Golf is a high society game and this is not for everyone.

  18. Wow I did not know that there are lots of golf courses in and around Phoenix.Those are good photographs..Thank you very much for this nice post.


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