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Shakespeare in The Park

The Scarlet Pimpernel, A MidSummer Night's Dream, and Oedipus Rex are the 3 plays being performed this summer in Schiller Park in German Village in Columbus Ohio by Actors Theatre. For 30 years Shakespeare's been performed in the is park. Through out the years we've enjoyed this wonderful free summer time entertainment. I've blogged several times about this marvelous park in German Village. I've discussed the history of the park, the wonderful flowers, the quotes, the statues. Truly it has something for everyone.

While we carried our cooler and lounge chairs to the stage area, we passed kids on bikes, kids on roller skates, people walking their dogs, people running for exercise, others just strolling. We saw people fishing in the pond, and guys playing basketball.

Summer travels don't have to require miles on your cars, heavy duty packing, or expensive airline tickets in order to have a good time. Have you taken advantage of the special summer time en…

Seeing Beauty when you Travel

Looking through Rose of Sharon Bushes enjoying nature can be almost anywhere you travel.
Rose of Sharon's are an old time flower, that attract birds and bees. Some are white as above, some lavendar and some are a rosey pink.
A large deep red Mallow, in the same family as the above Rose of Sharon's. They get so large sometimes a foot in diameter, they almost don't look real.
Maybe you'll see Lilly's in your travels. They are hundreds of colors, hundreds of varieties, all pretty.
An attempt to be artsy here, shooting through the bush as the wind was blowing.
Some Lilly's hang almost upside down. I'm carefully lifting it up to get the photo for you.

Sometimes travel isn't just about the destination, it's about the travel and what you see, smell along the way. Take time and enjoy it.

Travel to your local Park

Isn't this a nice view? Wouldn't you like to be there right now? You could. If not here, perhaps in a similar spot in your own neck of the woods. This is Whetstone Park, which is 90 acre metro park in Columbus on the north side just off High Street (Route 23). There is much to see and do here. Plenty of places to run, to walk, to build a fire, to have a picnic, to just enjoy. Lots of big trees that provide plenty of shade. Take a book, on yarn and sit and enjoy. Listen to the sounds of birds chirping, children playing, people having fun. Every city or town, no matter how large or small has such a place. Green public places. Do you take time to enjoy them? I bet most people are saying no. As much as I like to outdoors, and as close as I am to this lovely park; have to say it's been years since we've gone. What a shame. It's lovely. There are places in the sun if you want to sun yourself, places in the shade, open areas to run with the kids…

Travel, remembering and honoring.

This isn't a current flag, it's hoisted and proudly flown at Fort McHenry in Maryland. I took this photo a few years ago, while hubby and I were touring. Look at the size of this flag. I wanted to share it with you today, July 4th as we celebrate our Nations Birthday. It's a day to be proud, a day to remember how we got here, who's sacrificed for us.

Sadly, many of those who did serve and protect us, who fought for our freedoms probably aren't celebrating today, not with a family picnic and fireworks. Why? Because they are homeless! They live hand to mouth, out in the elements, in unsafe conditions, wondering in some cases if they'll make it through the night. Wondering if they'll ever be dry and warm again. Yes, it's summer across the country and they currently are going to freeze at night; but the warmer months pass all too quickly. Soon, they'll be huddled against the wind, the rain, the snow and sleet.

Accordingly to The National Coaliti…