Public Art in San Diego Harbor

View 1 you see Mom, Child, and returning Sailor being reunited in a group hug.
View 2 you see the couple. Public Art is plentiful in San Diego's harbor area and worth the walk up and down to see them all. As you can, they're lighted at night. This particular art's history is unknown to me. I did not see (perhaps I missed it), a plague indicating whom the artist was, or if this was specific to a particular sailor. I did some looking here on line and also came up empty for this sculpture. Perhaps it's new enough, nothing has yet been posted?

We like art because it makes us feel something. Surely this sculpture does that. It also gets you thinking. Before the speed of communication with cell phones, texting, the internet, Military and their family relied on slow mail service during war times. Can you imagine not knowing where your loved one was.........whether they were ok or not? Can you imagine not hearing from them for weeks at a time? Today's military find themselves in difficult situations; but I think the lack of communication that existed back in World Wars I and II, The Korea War (Conflict) etc. had to be a horrible burden. Probably actually harder on families then those who served. Those who served pretty well knew their families were doing ok.

Take time, enjoy the art, and let it give you pause. If you go to San Diego and see this particular sculpture, please let me know if you see whom the artist is.

Scroll back to the last 2 posts for additional art along the harbor in San Diego.

**edited to indicate the name of this fabulous 7 foot bronze sculpture is "HomeComing" by Stanley Bleifeld. A visitor to the blog left a comment indicating that. Much appreciate it Oside Native. I deleted the comment since it had a link as links in comments often cause spam. Links beyond the link that is for the person's blog. Adding Oside's link blog link here.
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  1. Fabulous O'side, thanks so much. I like knowing what something is. Appreciate you finding it.


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