San Diego Harbor, California

Bob HopeThere are many things to see walking along the harbor walkway in San Diego. You can gaze out at the ships, you can people watch, you can shop, sit under a shade tree, stop for a snack. But, leave time to enjoy this marvelous tribute to Bob Hope and to our Military. Bob Hope was born an Englishman, Leslie Townes Hope. After immigrating with his parents to Cleveland, Ohio being teased by his friends about his name; he changed it to Bob. He had a long list of accomplishments in the performing field, singing, dancing, acting, being a comedian. He has 4 stars on The Hollywood Walk of Fame, more then anyone. He received over 2000 awards in his life time.
Bob Hope and MilitaryHe was born May 29, 1903 and died July 27, 2003. He's buried in Los Angeles at Mission San Fernando Rey de Espana Cemetery. The single thing he's most known and respected for was his service to the military. He performed all over the world for all branches of the military for 5 decades starting in 1943. These fabulous 16 figures honor servicemen and women in World War II, Korean War, Vietnam, Persian Gulf War, as well as during The Cold War. This 48 foot circle plaza is located in a grove of Coral Trees along the walk harbor with The Midway Museum in the background.
Military and San DiegoThe sculptures by Eugene Daub were dedicated on July 8th, 2009 where Linda Hope, Bob's daughter was present. It's titled "A National Salute to Bob Hope and The Military". The figures are life size and represent: A World War II Paratrooper, Korean Infantryman, Gulf War Desert Storm, Korean War Sailor and Korean War Marine, World War II Fighter Pilot, Vietnam Artilleryman, Vietnam Air Force Mechanic, World War II Marine Corp Sergeant, The Coast Guard, Vietnam Navy Medic, World War II Army Nurse, World War II Navy Pilot Lieutenant, and a Gulf War Air Force Staff Sergeant.
San Diego and Bob HopePut your walking shoes on enjoy your visit along the harbor in San Diego. We're told the weathers always fabulous there. We managed to hit one of the 3 days a year where that wasn't the case. Even with bad weather, we really enjoyed our walk and plan to go again. That's hubby with is hand on the shoulder of one of figures.

With Christmas approaching this post seems timely.

Click here for another post about the Harbor Walkway, Remember the cover of Life Magazine?
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  1. Thanks for the visit Lily. I do hope you make it to San Diego, it's really quite awesome and I'm already wanting to go back. There's so much to see and do. We missed alot.


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