San Diego Harbor Area, California

sculptureUnconditional Surrender sculpture by Seward Johnson stands 25 feet tall and weighs 6,000 pounds commerates a famous Life Magazine photo taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt on Augst 14th, 1945, VJ Day in Time Square, New York City. The Sailor and The Nurse didn't know each other. There's been speculation about whom they were after the fact. Names weren't obtain when the photo was taken on that exciting day. This sculpture stands along the walk way in San Diego harbor, near The Midway Museum.
sculpture of The Kiss on VJ DayThere were a variety of women who came forward through the years claiming to be this nurse, sailors too came forward to say it was them. The case was fairly well proven for Edith Shain as the nurse, though less luck in determining whom the sailor was. Edith died June 20th, 2010; but was present for the dedication of the sculpture in February of 2007. Though Alfred Eisenstaedt was credited with the famous photo that appeared on the cover of Life Magazine, it was not the only similar photo taken. One with a bit more of a street scene was taken at the same moment by Navy Photographer, Victor Jorgensen; it was Elfred's photo that got all the attention.
Unconditional SurrenderLife Magazine feels their toes have been stepped on regarding this sculpture. They indicate they hold the copyright, and that the artist, J. Seward Johnson didn't have permission to use the likeness in his sculpture.

There's also speculation about the picture, as to whether or not it occurred before or after the actual announcement of surrender from Japan. Even those researchers who feel it likely happened before, say the crowds had started to gather, to speculate that the announcement was forthcoming.

The walk along the water front is very enjoyable with lots to see, even on a cool, windy, and rainy day...such as the day we were there. We did manage to see some sights between the rain drops. I highly encourage visiting this site and many others in the area.

Please keep our service men and women in your thoughts as you give Thanks on this special day of Thanksgiving.

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  1. an interesting note,there is a larger than life scupture of Marylin Monroe holding part of her dress while standing ove a subway vent grate in Chacago.

  2. What a very nice statue of Marilyn, I miss you Marilyn, all of your memories will be cherished forever same with this statue!

    Zero Dramas

  3. Master Blogger, the statue has nothing to do with Marilyn, you apparently didn't read the post, it's a tribute to our Military.

  4. Those statues are beautiful. Emotions run high when our service men and women make it home.

  5. Oh Karen, you are soooooooo on the mark, thanks for your visit and comments. Hope to see you again soon.

  6. That sculpture reminds me of the roaring '20s.


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