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When you travel and stay in a hotel, a condo, and or a timeshare (even if you're not the owner), keep the container/ insert that generally comes with your room keys. Often a location map of the resort is included. If you plan to return to this location, it's advantageous to remember the lay of the land...so to speak. Additionally, it's helpful when you try to remember whether you liked or disliked the room location. Where you on a top floor, was the view pleasant? Do you have children and if so, were you near the children's play/pool area? If you liked where you were, you'll know what to ask for with your room assignment on return. If you didn't, you'll have the lay out of the resort to make a selection from. It's hard to trust your memory if you travel often and sometimes your personal pictures simply don't show this type of information.

Call you resort/hotel about 3-4 days before your arrival and make your requests. You generally can't make your requests too far ahead because they may not know what will be available. If you need an early check in because of your flight times, this is also a good time to do that. While you never get a 100% guarantee, it's been my experience most resorts are willing to do what they can to work with you on your request and or special needs.

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