Traveling on Foot

Traveling on foot can be adventure. This 4 legged creature travels everywhere on foot. AND if you're traveling on foot, through the careful you don't startle wild life. Startled wild life can be dangerous.
Actually, this creature and I weren't in each other's space at all. I was pouring a cup of coffee looking out the kitchen window at a friends house Christmas morning in Cleveland Ohio. Gates Mills to be exact. She has acreage and so seeing wild life is common place. I took the picture right through the window and so did a bit of computer work to diminish the flash that hit the window and....reduce the blur a bit caused by the distance and using the digital zoom.

Safety though is important when traveling. Particularly in winter. Cars provide protection and heat, and often people forget to pack with safety in mind. Do you have a pair of boots in the car when you travel in the winter? If not, you should. The weather may be beautiful when you start out, then turn cold, wet, snowy icy and cold. Should you have car trouble, or an accident you need to be safely and warmly able to get out of the car in conditions that may not be the safety and warmth of someone's garage. Do you have mittens, a heavy coat and hat? If not, you should for the same reason.

Enjoy your holiday travels and be take a little precaution...........pack for an emergency.
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  1. Wow a moose!! I would love to see one of those in real life too. The closest thing I got was viewing a deer in a zoo here in Manila.

    BTW, I stumbled on your blog through entrecard. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks Joan for your visit and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year right to you. I'll hop over to your blog.

  3. I enjoyed the travel tips. We always think about extra coats, warm shoes, when taking off on a winter drive.


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