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This is a packing tip for my fellow crafters out there. Knitters and crocheters, loomers and sewers. I've often gotten questions regarding what one can carry on, what's the best way to pack crafts etc. Many people read while traveling (probably more by plane then car), many want to knit or crochet or do other crafts. What works? Knitting and crocheting small pieces work well. You don't want to infringe on seatmates space so stay away from larger items, or pack those in your suitcases.

People have asked about carrying on knitting needles. I've reviewed websites of several airlines and don't find them to be restrictive; though most people think they are. I often gotten questions while flying, as I am knitting. People seemed surprised you can do that. I've not had any trouble. I've flown domestically and internationally successfully with knitting. I do suggest you not have your very best needles...just in case they want them to be left behind and always pack a spare in your suitcase.

Carry your knitting/crocheting in a zip lock bag. If anyone questions what you have via the security check, it's easy for them to see it. Also, it keeps your yarn etc clean. You can tuck the edge of your zip lock bag in the seat pocket in front of you to have your yarn pull out easily to work. You can also nab it quickly, if you need to. Patterns? Leave your books at home, they take up space and their heavy. Type or write your pattern on index cards. I recently found these perfect sized coupon holder to file my in. It will keep you organized both at home and on the road.

Enjoy your travels and pack light, it makes things so much easier. Put your zip lock bag and coupon holder/file in a canvas bag under the seat in front of you. Light weight, easy, and you don't need to mess with those awful overheads. If you only need a card or two, you could easily put your card in the zip lock bag and leave your small file at home.

Get organized, both at home and in your travels.
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  1. Looks like you have some serious travel experience.
    I have seen some women knitting and always wondered how they where able to get these things on plane. But probably there are plastic, right?

  2. Hey Mike, I've taken plastic, wooden, and metal needles on board. I use metal the most and truly have never had an issue.

    I do have a fair amount of experience, we travel quite a bit.

  3. My daughter is an avid knitter, and I was surprised when I found out she could take her needles on board planes. 'Seems strange to me - they could do a lot of damage! It's a great way to pass the time, though, especially on long flights.


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