Traveling Memories

I am reminded of travels here and there even when decorating my Christmas Tree. Yes, we're past Christmas and decorations have been put away. But, as I was un-decorating snapped a few photo's of some of my favorite ornaments. Some are newer then others. Some tell you about where we were when I picked them out, others maybe a bit more about me, my habits.......the things I like. A martini glass....I do love Martini's, sometimes I drink a Dirty Martini (thus the olives), other times a LemonDrop. I love making them too, so this ornament is most fitting. Purchased this past summer while vacationing in Park City, Utah. Lots of info about Park City Check it out if you're heading that direction or are looking for an idea of where to do.
Hilton Head Harbor Light House on the left and a fun Christmas Duck on a sailboat from Lake Erie (Ohio) on the right. Lots of posts for both Hilton Head and Ohio. Need information, want ideas of what to see, where to eat? Try these links to get started. There's plenty more, simply type in the words Ohio and or Hilton Head in the blog's search feature.
This is probably self explanatory here...The Fabulous Grand Canyon.
You might have to give this one some thought. P-Town, Provincetown, Mass. This trip was quite some time ago. To date, I've not added any posts from there.
Bison Bison...Colorado from a trip many years ago.
Zion National Park in Utah, what an awesome place.
A Dorey, from Connecticut. Another trip from long ago without representation yet here on the blog.

Doesn't this make you want to explore? So many places to go, so many suitcases to pack. Save yourself some time and do some virtual travel right here on Traveling Suitcase.
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  1. Wow, that means a lot of traveling :) I wish I could do the same. It's really cool to collect little trinkets from the places you have been, you can't help but reminisce.

  2. I love that you have ornaments from your travels! What a great way to remember all the fun :)

  3. Thanks Stephie and SL Colman, appreciate the visits and comments. SLColman...wonderful to hear from you, it's been such a very very long time.


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