Smokehouse Charleston, South Carolina

This will be the first of many post about food during my travels. I'll be posting restaurant reviews on what I'll call Menu Monday's.

As the sign reads this is Southend Brewery Smokehouse, circa 1880 and is located at 161 E. Bay Street, Charleston, South Carolina, right on the corner (see street light), very near the waterfront.

Taking this photo was an after thought as we left after a late lunch. After thought....key words. Don't be mislead by the very nice webpage, the photo's showing white table cloths, the words fine dining, or best brewery, or must be experienced and not to missed, or even beautiful building.

Yes it has some unique character with old wood floors, and a glass elevator which takes you to the 3rd floor, though that doesn't make up for the bad food or bad service. I had a watery Bloody Mary and a very greasy and flavorless hamburger, and cold fries. Now not being a health fanatic, I actually enjoy a good greasy hamburger from time to time...we all know you need some grease to give the meat flavor. My burger was the worst of both worlds, no flavor and greasy. Hubby's crab sandwich wasn't bad and his beer (one brewed here at the facility) was ok. Though he felt one was enough.

I love old, I love historical...but that shouldn't be confused with dirty or in need of repairs. The stairs leading upstairs (where one must go to use the washroom) are covered with very dirty and badly in need of being replaced carpet. You can see the vats of beer from the 2nd floor and the game room is available there as well.

When we were initially seated, hubby noticed his chair was wet and so we moved to the table next to the one we'd been taken too. When the server and receptionist returned we told them of the wet chair. Though there were 2 of them (and we weren't there during a busy time), neither made an effort to dry the table and chairs off, or move the chair to an out of way spot to keep another patron from ending up with a wet bum. Bad service. The chairs at the table we moved ourselves to had crumbs on all chairs which we brushed off in order to sit down........again no effort on the part of the staff........though there was a group of 4 staff members very busy chatting with each other 2 feet away playing with their cell phones and talking about who got drunk last night.

We were never asked if we wanted anything else before out bill was tossed on the table. Definitely not "Southern Hospitality".

Another item that might make this establishment unique or interesting is the ghost story, which I learned after returning home and reading their website. So, if you're into a good ghost story I suggest you check it out; but let that be the end of your interest in this establishment. I do not recommend this restaurant and I would not return. It appears to me, it's been a very long time since those nice pictures were taken that you see on their webpage.

Stop in next Monday, Feb 13th for another review.
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