The Courtyard in Hilton Head, South Carolina

Hilton Head South Carolina typically makes most people think of sun, surf, sand, beach, and golf. I like all those things too; but there's so much more in Hilton Head. I'm not a golfer, so when hubby plays golf I rent a bicycle and explore. I love history and there's much of it there in Hilton Head, and I love yarn....I like to look at it, finger it, buy it, knit with it, and crochet with it. Located at 32 Palmetto Bay Road, #10-A in The Village Exchange, I was able to ride by bike to this yarn shop. Not once, but twice! On my first trip I met a lovely lady named Judy, who was manning the shop. She was very helpful. I had my sunglasses on while riding, and you can't see colors of yarn well with sunglasses once inside you take them off, right? Argh, now I can't read the labels, what type of yarn is it, what's the yardage etc. Judy was very helpful, very friendly and helped me out. I purchased 2 skeins of yarn with her help.

See the lovely reddish scarf to the right in this picture. I got yarn to make that in a different color. Look at the wonderful selection this shop has of yarns. The displays are fabulous, the space well designed. A very comfortable shop. A rocking chair invites you to sit down and study a pattern, chat with other shoppers, or read a book. Scroll back, notice the upstairs...books a plenty there, as well as the opposite side of the shop. This is a book and a yarn store. How perfect is that! A yarn after all is a story, what a perfect pairing.

Adorable handmade cards. I actually meant to buy a couple and forgot. We all have people on our list that would really enjoy such a special card.

I kept thinking about this shop and some yummy yarn I saw and ended up pedaling back a 2nd day. Again I was greeting with warmth. Had several nice conversations with other patrons and the owner of the shop, Jennifer. Turns out Jennifer and I hail from the same local; before she left the frozen tundra that can be Central Ohio and settled there in Hilton Head, South Carolina. We exchanged business cards.

I thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend this shop, The Courtyard to all who enjoy books, and or yarn. Please visit their webpage for a look see, and be sure and put this on your places to visit when in Hilton Head. Even if you plan to spend your time on the beach, you need to pick up a couple of books. Don't bother packing them, buy them here...that saves room in your suitcase for souvenirs. Jennifer's email is available on the webpage if you have questions.

You might be wondering if I purchased more yarn on my 2nd visit, when I could see betcha. I purchased 2 skeins to make the fabulous shawl you see in the pictures just beneath the scarf. One skein for myself, and one for Darling Daughter. Later, I'll be posting about those yarns and projects on my personal blog, Sandy's Space. Please pop in for a visit anytime; I always have plenty of projects going......and currently am trying to finish a few before starting new ones.

I do plan to visit The Courtyard again on all my visits to Hilton Head and encourage you all to do the same. Tell em, Sandy sent ya. Staying in Sea Pines it was about a 9 mile bike trip for me, and well worth every mile of exercise.

I've traveled to Hilton Head 3 times, and have often blogged about it. For additional information about where to stay, what to see, lodging etc., please type in Hilton Head in the blog's search box.

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  1. I love going in Yarn shops too - all the yummy colors and kinds of yarn!! But, sadly, I don't knit or crochet!! Used to know how ~ Hmmm. . . maybe I should take it up again one of these days! Great photos! Happy knitting!!

  2. P.S. Thanks for stopping by today! Happy traveling!

  3. That looks like the coolest shop!
    And its even cooler that it has books, and home made cards!
    My moms would love to go there,. and many of my friends too


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