Biking on Hilton Head Island

There she is, my beautiful lime green bike with basket and lock. We had quite a good time the week we spent together. Rentals are everywhere on the Island, save yourself the trouble of transporting your own bike and rent for a very reasonable rate once you're there. There are public rentals, rentals at hotels, rentals on the various plantations. All are easy to obtain and reasonably priced. I rented my Lime Green Companion for $30.00 a week from Marriott's Vacation Time Shares. Each time share has an arrangement, making the process very easy. I've rented in the past while staying at Grande Ocean where due to the size of the facility there's a rental shop right in one of the parking garages. This year, we stayed in Heritage Club in The Sea Pines Plantation. I simply let the front desk know I needed a bike, and within 10 minutes the "bike guy" pulled up in his truck and got one ready for me. Quick and easy. At weeks end, I merely left my bike in the rack and he picked it up. They adjust the seat for you, check to see if you want a basket and or lock for no additional charge.

Within Sea Pines there are 17 miles of bike paths, believe I traveled them all, some multiple times. Sea Pines is private and so you do need a pass on your bike and or need to know the code to get back in the plantation's gate once you leave.

Additionally, there are 50 miles of public bike paths throughout the rest of The Island. It's fun, it's good exercise, it's pretty and a lot of fun.

I rode on the trails, and I rode on the beach which is 12 miles (though I didn't ride the whole distance on the beach). I visited historic areas on the bike and found a wonderful yarn and book shop, The Courtyard from my bike. Blogged about the yarn and book shop here, check it out.

The above map shows you the 50 miles of public paths, the toe area is Sea Pines that has it's own set of bike paths.

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  1. You are the woman!!! Did your legs ache from all that riding? I wish I could get into better shape. It sounds like such a lovely place to visit.

  2. I did a bit more each day, so as not to hurt too much Karen; but hey a glass of wine and the hot tub and all is well again. It really is a fun place to go. Might be one of my favorites.


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