Sticky Fingers, Charleston South Carolina

It's Menu Monday time.
Well, doesn't that look good! Though this mouth watering picture of Ernie's Pecan Pie is on the wall at Sticky Fingers in Charleston, South's not on the menu. Got our attention because both hubby (who's name is Ernie by the way), and I love Pecan Pie.

We choose Sticky Fingers for dinner on our recent trip to Charleston because it was close to our hotel, Marriott's Renaissance in the historic district. We had walked, and walked, and walked all day long and wanted something close. During the day we had passed (several times) Sticky Fingers that seemed busy with customers, and assumed that to be a good sign. wasn't.

Our meals were very disappointing, again! We've heard raves about how good the food is in the south and so far I would argue that's not true. The decor is interesting, as the building there at 235 Market Street has 100 year old pine floors and dates back to 1875. Our waitress was friendly; but everything else was lacking. The food wasn't good. Hubby had what is suppose to be their award winning ribs, though he wouldn't give them any award. The dry rub appeared to be coated on top of the meat, not rubbed into the meat and cooked slow in order to absorb the flavors. He loves good slaw, but after a quick taste left it on his plate. I had the toughest brisket ever, tough and dry. A good slow good brisket usually falls apart, I had a hard time cutting this with a sharp knife.

The tables, chairs, and floors all looked like they needed to be cleaned. We ate, we didn't linger like we typically do. We learned from our waitress they were being purchased by a new owner. Perhaps that's a good thing; as it we would not return nor recommend this restaurant. It's in such a good location, I do hope the new owners can turn it around.

After returning home, I learned this was a chain restaurant, which had we known, we probably would have avoided. The chain started in 1992 in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina and now there are 16 locations throughout North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida. We rarely enjoy dining at chains and this opinion certainly didn't change after our visit. The website indicates they boast southern and real low country charm. Don't let that lure you into thinking this is the place to isn't!

Still hungry for a good brisket, since the above didn't satisfy my appetite, I purchased a brisket and will cook it slowly in my will be tender and juicy, as it should be. Care to join me?

Join me again, next Monday for Menu Monday on Feb 20th
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