Heritage Club at Harbour Town, Hilton Head

The Marriott's Heritage Club at Harbour Town in Hilton Head, is as you can see, in a secluded wooded area. Would be a great place to get in out of the sun during the hotter spring and summer months. It was a bit cool for us in January; but as we traveled about to other areas of the Island we were very comfortable. (if you missed the previous post, scroll back for a color coded map of the Island to help you with locations.........the locations are significant).
Once you enter to register, these marvelous southern style stair cases take you to the 2nd floor common area. It's quite pretty and relaxing. Many of the resorts social activities take place here. A great way to get to know other quests.
Bar Area
Often there are member meetings held here, special events in the game room for the younger set (teens mostly), are located just beyond the bar area here on the 2nd floor. Welcome nights for the adults, and a fun after golf gathering took place here with wine and cheese. They had a golf open one day pairing the quests up, and gave away a few prizes. Very enjoyable.
Outside Grills
We like to cook the bulk of our meals in when we travel and find the common spaces like these gas grills are a big asset. The grills are always clean, well lite for nighttime use. Often they too become a source of socialization among the quest while the cooking gets done. We took our Martini's down and sat at the table while waiting on the steaks. I highly recommend it.
pool and hot tub
An over view from our balcony showing the hot tub on the left, pool on the right. Under the little gazebo is a more private hot tub.........we enjoyed a late afternoon drink here on several occasions before time to clean up and prepare dinner.

**Next blog post will explore Harbour Town and possible Monarch Resorts. Hope to see you soon.**

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