Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Harbour Town Lighthouse, Hilton Head Island

Due to the number of photo's in this post, I opted for small photo's, but do click to enlarge them. All pictures are always clickable so you can see them better. But, using smaller photo's helps bandwidth and blog loading issues.
A very famous lighthouse, that's really NOT a lighthouse. The red and white 90 foot lighthouse was built in 1970, never served as a lighthouse...not a beacon to welcome weary ships in from their dangerous journeys at sea. It was built at Braddocks Point after Lawton Stables (formerly Lawton Plantation) was moved; as development for the area was in full swing. Shops, lodging, boat docks and of course The famous golf course, Harbour Town Golf Links where the famous Heritage Golf Classic takes place. If you've ever viewed this on TV, you've seen this lighthouse. It's the most recognized and photographed item on Hilton Head Island.
In the inside of the Lighthouse is a museum with historic pictures and memorabilia, as well as 2 gift shops. A gift shop on the bottom where you purchase your tickets, and a larger gift shop at the top. One u-tube video claims there are 114 steps to the top. Pete Dye with the help of Jack Nicklaus (the one I recognize in the picture) helped design the course.

Tried to get a photo through the glass without the glare of the flash didn't quite work. But, light is limited inside the Lighthouse and time to take photo's with lots of folks on the steps coming and going is difficult. I count 45 stars on this flag. Our flag got it's 45th star when Utah was added in 1896. The 45 stars remained until 1908, 12 years later. 3 US Presidents served under that flag, Grover Cleveland, William McKinley, and Theodore Roosevelt. Roosevelt was the only one not from Ohio.
The views from the top include the shopping area, some forest area, and some lodging.It's quite windy on top, so flag is always blowing.Looking towards the golf course you can see the long boat dock area.This boat dock area is right off the front side of Lighthouse
To the right of above boat dock area is a parking lot and wonderful beach area. As you can kayaking is popular.
And at the very point, almost looking straight down from The lighthouse an outside eating area from one of the many eating establishments in Harbour Town.

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