Monday, May 14, 2012

Robert Irvine's Eat Hilton Head

Red, hot, and dark. Those were the first things that came to mind when we sat down in our private circle booth for 2 at Robert Irvine's Eat! It's small and in a little shopping mall; a bit hard to find...but then many restaurants are in Hilton Head. That's apparently by design. The restaurant is quite dark, which is why the quality of the pictures is poor. I was surprised to see it so dark as our reservations were at 7 and it was through the week. Plus watching him on his many TV shows, he's often talked about the importance of not having a restaurant so dark it's patrons can't see the menu or wonder how clean the place is. Everything is red and black, very um-comfortably dark. Even the food looks red which isn't as appealing visually as it could be.

These pictures would be even more red had I not made some adjustments on the computer to the picture. We were there during restaurant week, so that made the pricing less of an issue then it otherwise might have been. It was pricey, and quite pretentious. The tables are nicely spaced but still it was loud, causes me to have to lean in to hear my hubby. I don't like the new trend of loud being equated with hip and good. The restaurant was only half full, which made me wonder how loud and uncomfortable it would be on a good night.

Since they weren't busy, and we had reservations we expected much better service then we got. There seemed to be a prevailing opinion in the air. Because they're owned by a celebrity they don't have to perform, that you'll be wow'd by them, by the food, and by the experience. We weren't. I had red pork chops as you can see. Actually do wonder what they really looked like. It was Fennel brined double cut pork chops with asparagus. I'm afraid I don't remember hubby's meal which is the previous picture. The food was good. The atmosphere and the service, not so much.

We were full and took our deserts with us to have back at our condo. This was a Carmel something. We each had a bite or two and pitched. Really not good.

Chocolate, peanut butter raspberry something...don't recall the exact name. Again we each had a bite or two, but found it easy not to finish it.

Summary, glad we went during Restaurant week, makes the sting less. Would I return or recommend? No and No. It is suitable for family's with children? NO

Be sure and pop back in next Monday, for Monday Menu on the 21st.
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