Sunday, May 13, 2012

Shopping in Sea Pines Plantation, Hilton Head

Most people love to eat and shop while on vacation, right! Hilton Head Island in South Carolina is no exception. Thought here is much to do to stay busy and or relax if you want to; there are plenty of places to shop and dine and enjoy yourself. I've referred to The Island as the shape of the foot with Sea Pines in the toe area many times in my posts. (if you missed seeing a map to know what I'm referring to CLICK HERE). Sea Pines was the first area on The Island to be developed with a focus on scenery and preserving and protecting nature and wild life.
The Shops at Sea Pines Center are accessible by foot, by bike, by golf cart and car and even here at a shopping center you see the focus on a respect of nature and it's in inhabitants. Though some of the shops aren't open in the off season (we've been there in January and February), there's quite a selection in season. There's clothing, jewelery, decorative accessories, antiques, books, a full service day spa, a post office, market, realtor, gas station, bike rentals and 2 restaurants.

In season the free trolly stops here every 20 minutes from 10am til 12 midnight.
Enjoy pizza for lunch or dinner at Giuseppi's (even in the off season), or plan a nice evening out with a wonderful menu at
Truffles Cafe has 2 locations at Hilton Head. One outside Sea Pines Plantation in addition to this one. Suggest making a reservation during the season, but that's less of a need during the off season. It's not the place for young children; but more of adult night out. Not dressy dressy, in fact they list themselves as a casual upscale dining experience. They received The Open Table award at this particular location in 2011. Upscale to me, is best without children. Upscale also means expansive wine list and interesting'll not be disappointed on either of those points.
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