Sites and Sounds of South Beach, Hilton Head

South Beach is located at the very southern tip of Hilton Head Island is Sea Pines Plantation. When you look at a map, not only is it in the toe area, it looks to be the point of the big toe! South Beach is a located in Braddocks Cove on Caliboque Sound. The sites and sounds may vary a bit depending on the time of the year you visit South Beach.
You may be welcomed by colorful, talkative Parrots...but don't get too close. You may hear sounds of the sea gulls overhead (best to wear a hat), people laughing, music playing, while the aromas can be hot dogs, hamburgers, barbeque and pizZa.
Come and spend the day eating, drinking, shopping, fishing, or relaxing. You can rent boats.
You can just meander, or find a sunny or shady spot to enjoy a meal with friends.
Some area's are peaceful and serene, while others full of life and activity. It's whatever you make it.
Though you may not be able to read the sign (unless you click to enlarge the picture), this is one of the most sought after establishments. We were there in January, early in the day; when as you can see it's not very busy or crowded. This is The Salty Dog Cafe. You can't go anywhere on Hilton Head Island without seeing someone wearing a Salty Dog t-shirt, or hat. It's legendary. You can eat at The Wreck of the Salty Dog, The Salty Dog Ice Cream Store, The Salty Dog Pizza Place, or here at THE Salty Dog Cafe.

You can have your picture taken with Jake, The Salty Dog. You can read how it all came to be in any number of books. Buy the kiddo's a coloring book that also tells the legend and how Jake secured his place in nautical history.

Jake and his master, Captain John loved to fish. Captain John made his living from fishing. One day while out fishing, a huge storm came up capsizing their craft, The Salty Dog. Jake swam and swam with his friend Captain John holding on for 3 days and 3 nights until he safely reached the shores of South Beach. The towns people were so excited they built a gathering place to honor Jake, The Salty Dog Cafe. The book is adorable with wonderful illustrations, be sure and pick one up when you're there. Everyone loves South Beach, it's appropriate for all ages.

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