Marriott's Monarch Resort, Hilton Head Island

Marriott's Monarch at Hilton Head Island, like Harbour Club, and Heritage Club (see two previous posts) is nestled inside the prestigious Sea Pines Plantation. Unlike Harbour Club and Hertiage Club, it is also on the ocean. Monarch is where it all began for Marriott. Marriott got it's start in time shares in Hilton Head and has a huge presence there. Additionally Monarch was the first of all Marriott's time shares. Though it's the oldest, don't let that fool you. It has resently gone a complete rehab. Marriott has on going projects so no facility/resort ever get's truly outdated.
Monarch is the largest of the 3 resorts inside Sea Pines with 4 buildings and a much larger resort area then the other two. Because of it's size, and it's location on the beach; it is more suitable for families with children. The 4 buildings are Magnolia, Dogwood, Camellia, and Azalea...are you getting a feel for the place yet? It's quite pretty with wonderful landscaping that attracts birds and butterflies. While I feel it's more suited to families with children then the other 2 in Sea Pines; it is also quite serene and large enough; it seem you would be able to find quiet-if that was your interest. The lobby can accomodate social gatherings of good size, as you can see by the picture.

Grab a book and rock away in the shade of The Pines and relax. This is the back porch area.I mentioned birds and's a a bit of a bird santuary.
The pool, the bar, and pretty pond area. One of the pools, I should say.
Another pool provides a great view of the ocean below.The buildings you see down the way, are the 4 villas at Monarch from the beach view.

While I can't say I've stayed here, or viewed the inside of the villas, I was indeed impressed with what I did see.

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  1. That looks absolutely stunning! I want to visit Hilton Head one day. So beautiful.


  2. There's so much to see and do there, whatever you're interest you'll love it Motorcycle. Hope you do go.


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