Sunday, July 1, 2012

How to Safely Pack Wine and More

When we travel, here there and everywhere......Domestically or Internationally. We always pack kitchen essentials to aid us. This small Bread Dipping Seasoning pack is just the thing. We have larger ones at home, and have been (until this new find), packing those. We like to cook in a good number of our meals. This seasoning pack has 4 different blends, all good for seasoning your olive oil for dipping bread, or adding to pasta (always a favorite meal for us). I also think you could use this to flavor meat for the grill (beef, pork and chicken). The Flavors in this blend are: Sicilian Blen, Tuscany Blend, Parmesan Blend, Rosa Maria. 4 Flavors, 4 separate shaker areas, and the whole thing only weights .60 oz....perfect even when flying vs traveling by car.
Wine carriers a MUST in our travels. These come packaged 3 in a container, we recently purchased 2 packs. We've used these in the past with wonderful success.
  1. They are easy to use, slid the bottle in and Zip it shut
  2. Since it seals well, should there be a breakage the wine would be contained
  3. They are well padded inside, but better then bubble wrap it's a super absorbent cushy fabric....which not only protects the bottle against breakage; but offers back up protection to minimize liquid.
  4. They mold nicely and can easily be worked into your luggage.
One bottle of wine typically weights somewhere between 3-4 pounds, depending on how thick the glass bottle is. It's a good idea to weight what you're taking, as they all won't be the same. There are different limits of what you can take Internationally, depending on where you're going. A while back hubby and I traveled to Mexico and each person was then permitted to carry 3 bottles in their luggage.
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  1. Those sound like great items to carry wine around in. We don't do any traveling but if we did,we sure would use them. Good idea. Thanks.

  2. Wow ~ Love these! Have never seen or heard of them! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow ~ Love these! Have never seen or heard of them! Thanks for sharing.


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