Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pizza House Columbus, Ohio

Hopefully you can read the motto posted on the menu at The Pizza House. The Pizza house a family owned business for 50 years serves pizza, sandwiches, as well as veal and spaghetti. The menu is varied and priced well for both lunch and dinner 7 days a week.

A neighborhood establishment located at 747 Lincoln Avenue, across the street from it's original location on Sinclair Avenue is a marvel. Against big powerful chain operations it has done more then maintained. It's grown and improved and delights the older original customers as much as the newer, 2nd or 3rd generation customer.

They offer dine in or carry out and something on the menu for anyone adult or child. The restaurant has always been family oriented, though back in day, was an awesome place for a date, or pizza after the local high school football game.

Good food, good service, and good pricing. They also offer Gluten Free specials, so much in need in this day and age.

Bill Colasante has been part of The Pizza House for 50 years. He purchased the business 30 years ago from Bob Tiberi and Richard Dorn. But, he didn't purchase an unknown; he worked there...was in fact their first hire. And this many years later is still at it with long time help like Jeff Tiberi (36 years) and Doug Wilford (39 years). It's no wonder they are a success, still serving family recipes after 50 years.

Recommend for families, couples, dine in, or pick up. A good time!
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