Sunday, July 15, 2012

Olympics, Park City Utah View

This sign post lists locations of winter Olympics and their distance both in miles and kilometers and is located just off historic Main Street in Park City, Utah.

The sign reads:
Grenoble, 5,342 miles. The Olympics were there in France in 1968, Winter Olympics that is. And from this knows the distance to the various spots other Winter Olympics have been held. The Olympics were held in that spot in 1968.

Lillehammer 4,801 miles away in Norway was the site of 199 Winter Games. I well remember this one, loved seeing people scoot about town on those funny little sleds. This perhaps was the one of most interest to me. Love the stories behind the scene. Not sure, in truth I had ever heard of Lillehammer before the Olympics.

Nagano is some 5,485 miles away in Japan and was the site of the 1998 Olympics, which I don't remember at all. Perhaps I didn't watch that year, but confess I had to look up the name Nagano; though thought it to be Japan........really had no memory of it.

1980 presents us with Squaw Valley. I remember that with a smile. The place seemed romantic; and from Park City, Utah is only 488 miles away.

Sapparo, another Japanese location is 5,099 miles from this spot in Park City, Utah. No double we all remember the 1972 Olympics............I got that married that year, I'm sure that's why you all remember it. lol Sapporo, however had been selected to host the Olympics way back in 1940, but due to World War II, was cancelled. After all, they were our enemy. They had bombed us. Who could ever forget the attack on men, women, and children............civilians as well as military on that dark December day. Though the games were cancelled prior to the scheduled openings of "The Games". always thinks of The Sound of Music. 5,438 miles from this spot was the home for the 1976 Innsbruck Winter Games.

Albertville, France was the site of the Olympics (Winter as in all above) in 1992 which is 5,316 miles from this spot in Park City, Utah. No real memories of this particular games; even though it wasn't that long ago. I assume I didn't watch as much, or it was un-impressive?

Sarajevo, Yugolslavia 1984..........war torn but hosted the Olympics and is 5,834 miles away. Who could ever forget this Olympics. It was sad, and glorious at the same time. Sad, because the country was in horrible shape, ruins..........many pictures showed such devastation from bombing it was hard to understand the government expenditure at hosting The Olympics. Again a place many of us had little knowledge of before hand. Perhaps it's a story of a country and people wanting to come back? I don't know. I do remember thinking if I were a citizen AND I were helping to pay for this extravagance (and yes to me that's what it seemed like....extra, un-necessary = extravagance), not sure I would have been very supportive if my children had to walk through bombed rubble on their way to a partial falling down school each day....pretty sure I would think the government and it's people should be paying to have the rubble removed and the school building rebuilt for my children first. Glorious though...because it showed the human spirit.

Lake Placid......perhaps one of the most well known of the Winter Olympic Locations is only 1,916 miles away, the site of the 1932 and the 1980 Olympics. It's also been a contender to hold other Olympics. Lake Placid...makes me smile.

A small sign post, I wonder how many pass by without stopping to read, wonder and remember.

There's much to see and do in Park City, despite it's rather small town size.

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  1. Hi guys - this sign is definitely a crowd favorite in Park City. Even though the town is small, it really is packed with all of the fun and features anyone would want to see. The festivals and food are simply amazing.

    I am surprised more people don't travel here in the summer, as the temperature is 80 all summer and dry.

    If you get a chance check out my blog. We try and update often with all of the new festivals and news / events for Park City, UT

    PC Jim
    Park City Utah blog


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