Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Restaurant Season

While this picture is a Lemon Drop Martini I made at home, it makes me think of summer and "Restaurant Season". Why? People are out and about more in summer, people travel, go on vacation and therefore tend to eat out more. Recently one of the martini glasses I packed in my suitcase got broken. That got me thinking about peachsuite.com. This restaurant supply website has hundreds of items for sale. Shop right from the comfort of your computer chair. Open a free account, add items to your shopping cart and away you go. One of the items I noticed right off the bat, was a Polycarbonate Martini Glass!

Hosting a wedding, a conference or large family reunion? Hospitality supplies and Hotel Cleaning Supplies are also available. You might not be concerned with cleaning like a hotel does, but the supplies you need to put on an event are pretty much the same. Maybe you need linens, tables, chairs and other related items to pull it all together. Maybe, you're having a special class reunion and need to spruce up a large empty room. You're just one click away from finding everything you need to make your event a success.

You need a large blender, large ice-machine, snow cone machine, or other catering supplies, and quality restaurant equipment to take on the task at hand? Look no further, let your mouse lead the way by adding items to your shopping cart. AND, look for special free shipping available on large orders.

Speaking of Restaurants, don't forget to check in on Monday's. Menu Monday will be gearing up again with a host of restaurant reviews to aid you in your travels.
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