Sunday, September 9, 2012

Labor Day and Art

I don't know if this is Toad or Frog? I don't know if one is a more correct term. I do know. I love this little dude with his Dirty Martini! Hubby and I saw him last year while touring our local Labor Neighbor Day and for some reason didn't buy him. All year we thought about it, and were glad to find him again this year. This is rather large Art Festival held annually at Northram Park. There's something for everyone. Sculptures for indoors and out, glasswares, hand blown glass, lots of jewelry, paintings, photo's and more. The favorite item every year are the handmade brooms. Though, I'm clueless why they're so popular. They're made by the same Amish Man, and every year he runs out of them earlier in the day then the year before. I don't know anyone who uses a broom vs a swifter and or I'm afraid it's popularity is lost on me.

A family affair. Lots of kids hands on activities from making their own drums, to face painting, to weaving, to painting a public art peace and more.

Naturally there are food options. It's always a good time, mingling with friends and neighbors; not sure we've ever been there without running into someone we know. If you're anywhere near Central Ohio, you really need to put this on your list of things to do.

Typically it's hot, though this year was a bit overcast.

I think Frog/Toad needs a name...don't you? For now he's on the upper deck where we often have our cocktails/Martini's before dinner. At some point, I might let him decorate a flower bed. Only time will tell.

Suggestions of names? Sing out. I love supporting artists vs buying something at anywhere USA Mall.


  1. I'm not sure what he is either but he sure is cute!

  2. He's so adorable, it doesn't matter whether he's frog or toad. :P

    I am still sweeping with a broom. Can't stand the noise from a vacuum.


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