Saturday, August 25, 2012

Huntington Park Columbus Ohio

Take me out to the ballgame, take me out with the crowd, buy some peanuts and cracker jacks....sing along. Here I am (oophs eyes closed), at our local ball field, Huntington Park a few weeks. What a deal this night of entertainment was. I bought a Groupon (50% off which meant I paid for 1 ticket and got 2), through Superpoints (see badge in sidebar), which meant I also got POINTS! We had a "ball". Huntington Park is an awesome ball park.
Entertainment for the whole family. After all baseball is America's Game. This is ride for the wee ones is like riding the horses outside grocery stores. We passed this on our way to our seats.
Some interesting large historical posters give a real feel for the long standing history of the game in Columbus Ohio.
Some cute kids in front of us. Good friends who really enjoyed the game. Surging the team on with their rally caps.
You pass the Liberty Bell, which has it's own separate history. Sadly I couldn't get a good picture of it without people, or get close enough to explore the history and have found nothing on line to fill in the gaps. Notice the picnic tables off to side? Lots of places to eat if you want to have your meal before you get settled, though there are cup holders on the backs of the very comfortable seats.
Food choices are in abundance with stands everywhere. And...some pretty cool art for the kids to interact with.
Highlights was in attendance the night we were there, handing out book bags with goodies for the kids...puzzles, stickers, and books to read.
We arrived early to pick up our tickets at will call, thus the stadium is still pretty empty while the teams begin their warm up.
And for the hotdog in all of us! A photo opt no one can pass up. Be the hotdog, see the hotdog. lol

Baseball began in Columbus during The Civil War being one of the earliest ball clubs. The first games were played at the Broad and Parson Field, where The Franklin County Insane Asylum was located. There have been multiple locations, and multiple owners for The Columbus franchise through out the years. At times the team was the AAA team for The Cleveland Indians, New York Yankees and even the St. Louis Cardinals. No matter where the team played, or whom the owners were the history of baseball in Columbus is long and deep.

Take your family out to the ballgame and enjoy America's favorite past-time.

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  1. I love Groupons. Looks like you had a wonderful night!

  2. I too love Groupons, the only thing better is buying them through Superpoints and getting both the deal and the points.


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