Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Old Mohawk, Columbus Ohio

Around the bar on a Saturday afternoon, at The Old Mohawk in German Village. Hubby and I had attended the annual Haus and Garten tour in German Village. Hot and dusty and naturally thirsty we stopped in at an old favorite location. When we were younger we visited The Old Mohawk often for Beer and Burgers. Was always a fun location, small and a bit of a dive...but a good dive.

The Bar's been in operation since 1933, so it's quite historic. It's located at 819 Mohawk Street on the corner of Mohawk and Kossuth in the heart of German Village. Myles Elk opened the tavern in 1933 after the 18th amendment, Prohibition was abolished. Rumor have it, they were famous for the turtle soup, which was always made fresh. The turtles were raised in the basement. Now, I believe this was more then a rumor. My Mother actually visited upstairs in her youth. Her family knew the owner. She informed me years ago they had turtles in the basement. If Mom said it, I take it as fact, not rumor.
You can get a feel for the place with brick walls, the tin ceiling and the old original artifacts on the walls. Myles operated The Mohawk until his death in 1947. It was then managed by some of his family until 1975 when sadly it was sold to 2 brothers who cleaned it up and tried to make it hip. It was called Tiffany's then. We went once and twice and felt like they ruined it. We liked the Old Mohawk and it's being bit of a dive. Luckily that period of time in it's history was a short 2 years, when the current owner purchased it and once again made it The Old Mohawk.
You can see a time line of it's history on their menu. The menu...well typical bar food.

Sorry this photo is a bit dark, as I was looking towards the windows.

It's a comfortable, come as you are place with a reasonable variety of food selections, beer selections, wines and mixed drinks. Prices are good, service was a bit slow the day we were there. However, to be fair...I think they'd been beyond busy because of the tour. So, I don't hold that against them, and do plan to return. We had a snack....a HUGH order of nacho grande for $9.59 between the 2 of us and didn't eat it all. Excellent appetizer to share. I had a reasonably good margarita while hubby had a beer. We left refreshed and full.

Appropriate for couples, and small groups. It's not particularly family oriented which is fine to my way of thinking. It's small and not really room for kids to move about. Casual dress.

Recommend you give it a try. In case you're curious....there is no turtle soup on the menu, nor turtles in the basement.

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