Friday, August 3, 2012

Car Travel and Summer Family Vacations

Pack the car and grab the kids and take your family vacation. Yes pack the car, not board the plane. Cars travel is much more suited to a family vacation then plane travel. Something families should consider before they book those expensive plane tickets and spend money that makes the vacation more expensive then it needs to be.

Why car travel over plane travel?
  1. It's far more cost effective
  2. You can do it on your time table (like traveling around kids nap times)
  3. You can stop when you need to for bathroom breaks (not wait til the light goes on that it's ok, while your child moans that he or she has to go, not wait til it's smooth in the air, not wait til 300 ish other passengers make their way to the itty bitty bathroom)
  4. You can see interesting things along the way
  5. You can play family games and carry on conversations (often not possible on the plane because it's too loud with the motor noise and that off the other 300 ish passengers)
  6. You can eat when you need to, not work around flight delays.
  7. The kids can move a little, lay down and nap if need be.
Why do so many families opt for plane travel vs car travel?
  1. They perceive it's easier and faster.
  2. Depending on where you're going it might or might not be faster.
  3. Based on what I've seen in my travels....there is NOTHING about it that's easier.
  • Kids crying because they don't under security
  • Kids crying because they don't understand not being able to eat or go potty when they want
  • Kids crying because they don't understand delays
  • Kids crying because they don't want to stay buckled
  • Kids crying and wining because they don't understand or like that they have to turn off the movies, their games, or their music
  • Kids crying because they're just plain worn out from getting up too early, running through the airport, not being able to carry or pull their luggage
  • Parents irritable because they kids are wearing them out, and they are stressed
  • parents irritable because they can't get all 4 seats together (or even 3, cause they didn't bother to check in ahead of time
  • Kids general unhappy because they can't sit that long, and not self entertain
When you travel by car, you can the actual trip, not just the destination part of the vacation.

If you feel you must travel with the young kids by post. Making plane travel non stressful takes LOTS of work, and preplanning. Do stop back in.
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