Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Historic Churches Bluffton South Carolina

As you walked around Olde Town Bluffton, you can stop and read these signs and maps.  Though I think it's still best to get the free pamphlet at Heyward House Museum.

This is The Church of the Cross.  Beautiful gardens surround it.  The colors really caught our attention and we actually parked and started our tour here.  However, The Heyward House Museum is considered to be the first stop and probably the best place to begin.   This is a Gothic style, built in 1854 as a replacement for a smaller Chapel of The Cross.  Rev. James Stoney was the first Rector. 

The church was not burned during the fire1863, it was spared by the Union troops.  Sadly the great storm of 1893 caused lots of damage.  In 1975 the church was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
The windows are quite large and very deep.  They must have let lots of air in during the summers heat.
The beautiful organ.  The name Stoney might ring a bell with you.  On Hilton Head Island The Stoney-Baynard Ruins Exist.  The same prominent families appear in multiple areas in the Low Country.
Not an historic building, but a church within the historic district has a bit of story and history to it just the same.  The Methodist Soc began in 1853 with a church.  During the Civil War 2 Confederate Soldiers were able to keep the church from being destroyed.  In 1875 it was sold to The AME Church and a new church was build in this location in 1890.  But, a 1940 hurricane destroyed the church.
Hurricanes have been very damaging to communities in The Low Country, but the people are resilient, they rebuild.

Campbell Chapel A.M.E. Church mentioned above, built in 1853 is a good example of Greek temple style.  Although damaged by the fire of 1863, it was not destroyed. 

It was sold to the African Methodist Episcopal Church in 1874.  The members have held services here for more than 100 years.  Some alterations, mainly to the interior were made back in 1969. 

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  1. the Gothic church looks so unique, we dont have such in our country.

  2. I love the interesting architecture also Lily, thanks for the visit.


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