Monday, February 11, 2013

Take and Bake Pizza

*It's Menu Monday*
 Mama Mimi's Take and Bake Pizza.  Always made with fresh tasty ingredients.  A nice way to do quick, easy, affordable gourmet pizza at home.  There are several locations here in Columbus, Ohio.  These came from the Grandview location at King and North Star.  Picked them up on my way home from work.  I like the lighter pizza's with white sauce and or oils.
Add to Technorati FavoritesHubby prefers red sauce and a combo of meat and veggies.  A small pizza a piece is perfect.  If you've not tried Mama Mimi's Take and Bake Pizza, I encourage you to do so.  Pizza's come with directions about how to cook them.  You'll not be disappointed.  Generally cheaper then a wood fired pizza you'd get out, perhaps a bit more then a regular pizza...depending on what you put on your pizza.

When we travel, we also enjoy Take and Bake.  In Hitlon Head we've ordered from TJ's multiple times and have never been disappointed.  There too there are multiple locations.  We've always ordered from The South End location on Palmentto Bay Road.  Their menu is varied with plenty of choices for all appetites.  I highly recommend TJ's Pizza in Hilton Head.

Take and Bake Pizza, add it to your menu list while vacationing.  Check for locations near you and enjoy. 

Hope to see you again next Monday for Menu Monday 

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