Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Crystal Cove in Southern California

Here we are day 3 of the A-Z challenge.  Before we get started, let me ask if you like the collage?  Normally I post one picture after another, but wondered if this presentation when there's so many photo's works?

We're at Crystal Cove State Park Historic District, a National Registered Historic Place in California.  Newport Coast, California.  Hubby and I visited there last month.

Crystal Cove is a small, old style beach area.  Back in days when people threw up little shanty's to give them protection from the sun, and maybe a place to spend the weekends, cook out on the beach the movies of old surfers.  There's not alot to do there, but it's good for a day, maybe two if you're staying in the area.  You can walk the beach a bit before it's interrupted by rocky in-passable area's where the beach is no more.  The waters too cold to enjoy a dip in the ocean; though you do see a few small children run in and out to be quickly immersed in a big towel Mom and Dad have at the ready.  There's only 2 small places to eat if you're willing to wait, and wait in line.......AND once you do, be prepared to pay twice or three times what it's worth.

Some of the area has been rehabbed into cute little cabins, though much remains to be done in the next phase.  This area has a history, a dark period for our country regarding the Japanese who used to successfully farm the area before The War.  That is a story though for a later post.  Then there's the military story that took place here, also for another post.

Many movies have been filmed here, Like Herbie, Beaches (see the photo with the fence), and before that the silent movies.

Here's a video showing the area also.  Though, having priced the cottages (some don't even have private bathrooms), at $200.00 ish a night; I think she makes them sound much nicer then they are.  Physically getting here, to Crystal Cove requires parking your car across the 6 lane Coast Highway and paying to park, then walking through the tunnel that goes under the highway.  There are lots of steps and ramps so if you're not able to walk a distance easily, that can be a problem  You can get your parking fee wave by spending at least $15.00 in one of the 2 restaurants there...and with things being pricey, that's not hard to do.  You can also purchase a park pass and take a shuttle to The Cove.

We enjoyed it because it's unique.  I would not though say- it's a destination.


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  1. Sounds like somewhere I want to check out. I love California. I am so enjoying your places. It is giving me a "to do" list.

  2. To answer your question, the photos are a bit small even when you click to enlarge the image, but with so many, I think it's a decent way to present them. If you want a suggestion, how about keeping the collage, but also including one or two full size images?

    As for Crystal Cove, it sounds like a majestic (albeit expensive) little place to visit...maybe I'll get there someday.

    Cheers from Brandy at

  3. Thank you Brandy for the feedback, much appreciate it. I used to have software I could make a collage, but each picture was individual so it would enlarge. But, it became incompatible when I got a new computer, haven't seen a program like it sense.

  4. One of the gals I work with loves Crystal Cove. I haven't been yet, but it looks lovely!

  5. What a fun way to do the A-Z Challenge - I love that you're making it travel related!

    I'm not all that far from Newport and I've not heard of Crystal Cove. I'll have to check it out sometime.

    If you're in the area again, one of my favorite Italian restaurants is in Newport Beach (there's another further up the coast...I forget if it's Manhattan Beach or ...?) It's called Mama D's and they have this 'magic' pink sauce that is just amazing - especially on their homemade ravioli. Their servers are always amazing and everything anyone I've been with has loved their meals as much as I've loved mine. But I've loved mine so much (ravioli with pink sauce) so much I won't stray from it and keep getting the same thing. Ha ha!


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