Thursday, April 11, 2013

Making the Journey Count

(A-Z Challenge J post)
Two Jack Lake, Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada pictured here.  I wish I could say I'd been there as it looks beautiful.  Nor can I take credit for the fabulous photo, it's one that came with my computer as a sample.  I understand this is said to be the prettiest of all lakes in Canada.  There are 2 camp grounds there in the park that are quite popular, so if you plan to go; the tip seems to be arrive early and plan ahead.  The reflection is Mt. Rundle.

What I really wanted to post about today is the "journey" can be as important and interesting as the destination.  Particularly if you're driving and you're not pressed for time.  Make the most of your trip and travel off the freeways to see things of interest.  Plan several stops in route of interesting, historic or fun things.  You're after all on vacation.  Don't be in a hurry, stop and smell the roses.

This is perhaps harder to do if time is tight; but even one stop of something beyond your final destination can add some real memories to your vacation.  This is particularly important if you're traveling with children.  Children have a hard time sitting still even if you bore them with what they can do at know the tv in a van with a movie playing.  Do yourself and them a favor and resist doing this.

One year we were on a 3 week camping trip and drove from Ohio out west.  We hit many places coming and going.  We camped, we hiked and did a few nights in a hotel when we felt we needed a bed.  But, one of the most memorable parts of the "journey" was stopping at Independence Kansas, site of one of The Little Houses on The Prairie.  My daughter was young and she was reading the series Little House on the Prairie as we drove.  How perfect was that!  She needed another book which we bought in the gift shop, and of course a hat...a prairie hat.  She lived in that hat.  To this day, she talks about that "journey".

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  1. Good advice and what a marvelous picture! I often find that I have fonder memories of the journey than of the destination... Thanks for visiting my Blog.
    A month of Blog...

  2. What a fun memory! I love those books :)

  3. You will have to bring your suitcase south sometime. I would love to show you around...or at least suggest things to do.

  4. Vacations with my kids are some of my happiest moments. I love to travel, if only I had unlimited time and money!

  5. I've only been through Calgary briefly, but I really want to go to Banff. That's a great story with your daughter. I hope to take trips with my son that he'll talk about for the rest of his life.

  6. My family is taking a journey to Florida this summer! I cannot wait to make lasting memories with my two teens! Thanks for sharing.

    Jana @ A Novel Reality

  7. Yeah, that's the fun of road trips. Getting out and looking around.

  8. Make the most of the journey: That's excellent advice for travel, writing, and life.

    The Little House memory--love that!

    Finally: I can't believe you were in St. Elmo! I'm working on a cultural heritage interpretive project that involves that town. It's just minutes away from where I made my April 10 post photo. If you make it to Vandalia, Ill., to see the statehouse, ask about the town's fire-breathing dragon. Nope--not kidding.


  9. I've never been to Two Jack Lake, but I have been to Banff National Park and it is beautiful. I actually much prefer Lake Louise, however.

    Thanks for stopping by I is for Intellect. You have a point in your contrast of intellect and education, but I would argue that some amount of education is required to learn and reason, not necessarily a structured education as is provided in schools, but an education none-the-less. As an English student, I spend most of my time analysing and very little time memorising facts (thankfully).

    Brandy at

  10. It is a gorgeous photo. I'm with you in the wish to get away there for a while.

  11. So true!

    Despite all my travels, Canada is somewhere I've still not gotten. When I do, Banff is on my list - including tea at the hotel :-)


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