Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ocean Pointe at Palm Beach Shores, Florida

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For those that popped back in from yesterday for a sunset surprise, sorry...but due to technical difficulty and being alphabet challenged today isn't the day for the sunset surprise.  Stay tuned though for later.

Welcome to Ocean Pointe at Palm Beach Shores, Florida.
One of the many pools with one or two of the buildings in the background.
Beautifully landscape with colorful flowers to enjoy.
The white buildings off in the distance are some of the Marriott's.  Believe this was taken later in the day.  You can rent lounges and umbrella's for a reasonable price.
On days when the ocean is more rough, walking the beach is nice.
Plenty of grill space to grill out and eat out, or grill out and eat
in your lovely dining room.  There's also a balcony with tables and chairs.
Nice master suite, and the 2nd bedroom is roomy too
with sleeper sofa and it's own balcony with tables and chairs.
And don't miss the fabulous sunsets!
And after a good nights sleep, nothing better then cooking breakfast in your full kitchen.  Particularly when my Darling Daughter the awesome omelet maker did the cooking.  Click the picture folks, fresh fruit, coffee, friend potatoes, and the best omelets ever.  You might be able to coax her into going on vacation with you!

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  1. I so, so, so wish I could transport myself there right now! thanks for sharing :)

  2. Sure looks like quite the spot, would get no argument from me to go there.


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