Thursday, April 18, 2013

Provost Dungeon, Charleston, S.C.

 (P post) The Provost Dungeon in Charleston South Carolina, The Old Exchange is quite an historic Landmark, a National Historic Landmark in fact.  You can tour the Old Exchange from 9 am -5 pm daily Mon-Friday.  Your tour includes The Great Hall, The Provost Dungeon, and the Colonel Isaac Hayne Room.  You'll see period pieces and original pieces.  This historic location was in fact where hundreds of slaves were sold, where President George Washington entertained (1791), where The United States Constitution was ratified (1788), and where The Declaration of Independence was presented to the people of South Carolina (1776).  The white wealthy people that is...but, that's another story in and of itself.
 The Provost Dungeon is many feet below the street, at the level of Rivers and was a prison used during The American Revolution.  As you move about characters come to live and tell their story.

 You see people chained to the walls, and some of the movements can be a bit scarey for small children.  If you're going to tour with small children, it would be wise to discuss a little bit about it before hand.
 The figures are quite realistic looking.
 This historic location is where an American Patriot, Colonel Isaac Hayne was in fact hung, after being sentenced to death by The British.
 The site is located at 122 Bay Street and worth the price of admission.
 There are many things to see and learn here, including the story of this woman, Rebecca Brewton Motte.  Though the stories about her and her accomplishment vary abit, it seems she became bigger then life after her death.  She was a very wealth woman, born into a prominent family, and married into another.  She owned 244 slaves.  Some say she used the arrows to light fire to her own house so that the British couldn't use it as a strong hold.  Other accounts indicate she gave the arrows to the military while she lived elsewhere...still quite comfortable in another of her homes.  However, she is considered to be an American Heroine that was involved in The British surrending Fort Motte...her house. 

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  1. Charleston is one of my most favorite places in the world. Poogan's Porch is one of my favorite places to eat...and Wild Wings on Market.

  2. Great post! I went to college in Charleston and have seen this site many times. It's just one of the many great places Charleston has to offer!

    AtoZChallenge Blogger

  3. Thanks Stillmagnolia and Katka for your visits and comments. Will make note about the places to eat...particularly since food was a big disappointment to us when we visited last.

  4. Been to Charleston a couple of times but never been here. It looks very interesting. Charleston is a lovely city.


  5. Thanks Jo for the visit, if you get a chance to go back to Charleston, check it out.

  6. We were in Charleston a few years ago, but we didn't see the Provost Dungeon. I probably wouldn't have wanted to venture into a dungeon even if we had seen it - LOL. But I love the city and the local accent. Thanks for stopping at my blog today. Great to meet you.

  7. It must be a big museum. The ones we visited when we went to your country were similarly interesting. You have many wonderful museums there. Nice post.

  8. I followed you on GFC. Love your reviews of so many historic places. My family loves traveling and visiting historic places. We have been to Charleston and the Provost Dungeon, but it has been a few years.

  9. Charleston I have read about and heard about - one of US historical town. Pity it's so fare away from Sweden ... maybe one day ... if the big lottery money end up in my account. Thanks for an interesting post.

  10. Sounds like an interesting place and one of significane in US history. It's a bit far for me too, being an Australian, but I plan to go back to the US next year and may think about going to Charleston. All the best for the rest of the Challenge.

  11. Charleston is one of my favs, but I've never been able to spend much time there on the several trips I've taken back east. It's on our agenda for a week-or-two stay.

    Thank you,

  12. Charleston has been on my wish list for a while. Pleased to know about this place.Thanks
    maggie at expat brazil


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