Wednesday, April 24, 2013

ULLR in Breckenridge Colorado

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Meet ULLR, a Norse God by Richard Jagoda in Beckenridge, Colorado.  One of many outdoor art pieces.

Ullr is thought to be the son of Sif, and the stepson of Thor in Norse Mythology.  Information is a bit sketchy, but it's believed he was a major Prehistoric God, The God of Hunting, Bow, Shield and Ski.  It's prounced Ooh-ler.  Legend has it that he flew the sky on his wooden ski's so fast he made stars as he passed.

This past Janaury, 2013 marked the 50th anniversary of The Ullr Fest in Breckenridge.  The fest started in 1963, to pay homage to and give thanks to, The God of Good Snow.  The fest has grown through the years, but has always been a "party", celebrated by locals.  There's a parade down Main Street, live entertainment, food and drink a plenty, bone fires, Ullympics, and ice sculpting.  He's become known as The God of Winter and Snow.

The festival ran from Jan 6th through January 12th this year and is scheduled for Jan 5th-11th, in 2014. 

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  1. Love the Norse legends, I would love to go see that celebration, enjoying your travels, thanks.

    maggie at expat brazil

  2. Your blog is a lovely e-tour for me! Thanks and best wishes!


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