Thursday, April 25, 2013

Villa Paraiso, Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico

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Villa Paraiso Manzanillo, LaPunta, Pennisula de Santiago CP 28860  ManZanilla, Colima, Mexico.  Villa Paraiso translates to House of Paradise.
As you make your entrance into this 12,000 ft. sq. house built into the hillside you are transformed by Nestor the manager and his awesome house staff.
Fun, friendly, professional and very accommodate they really pamper you during your stay.  Though this picture was taken later outback, kitchen and dining room through those doors...we were initially greeted with a tray of Martgueritas, and fresh warm towels to wipe up after the trip from the airport. 
Lunch was served after the house tour concluded and everyone selected their bedrooms, in the Palapa where we virtually lived through out the week.  The bar is to your left, one pool to your right, another pool up and to your right, and another pool further up.
From the main hall way, on the same level as this upper pool, looking down to bar, Palapa and infinite pool.  The edge of this upper pool you see is a waterfall with anther pool just beneath it...the level where you see the orange chairs.
This eating space is on the same level as the orange chairs and one of the pools.
Though we had breakfast and dinner inside at the dining room table, with lunch in the Palapa daily.
Can you see why we lived in the Palapa?  Bar behind us, infinite pool to the left.
Standing just outside the Palapa, you see lounge chairs and lower level pool, the red dot above is the upper level pool; while off on the right you see 4 of the 6 bedrooms.  This is an open air house, though you can close you bedroom door at night and turn on room air, if you feel you need it. (if you click the picture you'll be able to see the red numbers and dot)
Each room was decorated differently.  This blue room on the lower level and had a seating area to the left before the door that lead outside.
Each room had it's on bathroom and outside shower.
To your left was a floor to ceiling custom cabinet with shelving and drawers, in addition to all the space behind the mirrors.
Standing outside the 2 bedroom on the upper level  bedrooms (#1 and; 2 in the other picture) you can see the infinity pool, hammock and bar area.  The space beneath are the other 2 bedrooms.
Even the stair cases were beautiful.  With the house being built into the side of the hill, there's lots of up and down, so you do get some exercises between drinks.  lol
One of the many views.  This is taken outside the upper level bedrooms.

If you're looking for an affordable group vacation, do yourself a favor and contact Nestor, the manager at or visit their facebook page. 
Be sure and let them know Sandy sent you.

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  1. Well, Sandy, I am ready to make a reservation! This is a gorgeous place. Our brother-in-love is from Colima so the name and the beauty of the place caught my eye. Love your photos. Thank you! xoA

  2. Your brother is from, what a coincidence. Seriously, the house holds many, making the cost very reasonable, you should look into it. Thanks for your visits.

  3. At the risk of being cheeky, how many can it sleep and how much a week does it cost? Hope you don't mind me asking.

  4. Not cheeky at all Maggie. There are 6 bedrooms with private baths which would be 12....however I know kids from college have come in larger numbers and they switch things out, like putting in twins beds more in a room etc. A friend bid on this at a fundraiser and I believe it was 4800.00 for the 4 BR portion, then they adjusted for the other room. Best bet is to tell them how many in your group and see what they can do. That includes the staff. On their website they list tips, though we tipped beyond's really a very good deal with a group.

    1. Sounds good and it looks beautiful, I must get a group of us together, thanks for your time:)

    2. What a very beautious place to visit.


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